Long term investing in Cardano


Hello I’m Jim from sunny Florida USA…I am interested how your experience has been with Bittrex.


Jim, Chris from Washington, DC here. I have not had any bad experiences with Bittrex and purchased all my ADA from there before transferring the ADA to Daedalus. The one hitch I ran into in the transfer was that I could not do the usual right-click copy of the Daedalus address and then right click paste it into the Bittrex ADA ‘withdraw’ address box. I had to click the ‘copy to notepad’ button next to the Daedalus address and then it would paste as normal into the Bittrex address. Other than that, it could not have been easier to transact the transfer. Good luck, more days like today for ADA in the future I hope!!!


Hi Chris…and thank you for the response. I am itchin’ to purchase some Cardano, however I declined to complete my registration process on Bittrex when they insisted I apply for an “enhanced” registration. They wanted me to take a “selfie” pic of myself and SS number. I am currently searching for another exchange that will allow my ADA purchases. I believe we have a winner here Chris, they are loaded with quality people running the operation. Please keep in touch. Best of success and Blessings to you…Jim


Hi Jim,

Heidi from NY here! I usually have no issues with Bittrex, but like Chris, I had a problem withdrawing to the wallet. I actually had to MANUALLY enter it in. When I copied and pasted it made these strange lines in between some of the numbers, maybe because ADA address is so long? not sure…

Anyway, good luck with your purchase :slight_smile:


Welcome @jimmaz @cms20024 @heidik222 :slight_smile:


Bittrex had it’s hand forced since it was in the U.S. They have about $1 billion in volume a day. With all of the ICO’s going on I’m sure they were contacted by a three letter agency. They only use that info if law enforcement gets involved.


A lot of people **** on Bittrex, but I have had no problems. I guess it tweener frustration not being able to sell 3 coins


Hello Jimmaz, like you i’ve tried to register with bittrex but the enhanced registration system (appart from being really intrusive) failed, so i had to post a ticket on their help desk. They say they’re very busy and there’s a long queue, it’s been one week now …

BUT ! I found a website called coinswitch.co where you can exchange a lot of coin pairs (just like changelly and shapeshift) and they list ADA ! So i’ve bought some in exchange for bitcoin, it worked well and was pretty fast, got my coins right before the price rise, very happy :smiley:

Hope that helps, cheers :wink:


Bittrex has worked well for me (once I find what I want on there). I didn’t mind the enhanced registration. I registered first on Gemini, but it took 2 full weeks to get approved, and it was FAR easier to buy in through coinbase, which allows me to use the debit card on my bank account for instant buys. I had my bank account approved, but it takes 5-8 days for the funds to be released. This means you buy your BTC or whatever and can’t use it for that many days. It’s annoying.


Hi Chris… I bought all my ADA on Bittrex with no problem. Thanks for info on Daedalus wallet!



I think the enhanced registration can be intimidating at first but once you go through the process it’s not that bad


To copy/paste I just used the keyboard shortcuts and they worked. I’m on a MAC so it’s command-c to copy and command-v to paste. Same process on Windows OS except ctrl-c/ctrl-v respectively.


excellent, good luck! Really high hopes for this project!


Hi there. I am new to this forum and trying to get some info on buying ADA on Bittrex.
Do we buy ADA on Bittrex only with BTC or we can use ETH to buy ADA?


Hello…They, Bittrex, use Bitcoin to buy ADA…I am still trying to buy some, however some big dollars have come in and have run the price up to presently $0.11/0.12… Probably still a good price if you are looking LongTerm…Let me know how it works out for you!..Best of success…Jim


Hi Freewill…how’s it with you now after the huge ADA run up? Are you in it for the long run?..Jim


Hello everybody.

What do you expect about long term investing in Cardano for the next 24 months?

Some people at youtube says that it can be the ethereum substitute. Do you think has potential of valorization like ethereum did this year, about 5000%?

And in the worst cenario, what do you expect?

Thanks everybody.


bittrex now has an eth/ada trading pair as of yesterday afternoon!


the bittrex enhanced registration is onerous, but it’s currently the “price” you have to pay to do any significant trading in ada (notwithstanding other less well known options like shapeshift). and remember you can’t deposit fiat currency to bittrex (unless you’re a whale and wire $100K), so you have to start with coinbase, bitstamp, or another similar exchange who will take your fiat for btc or eth.

it took me a couple weeks to get my enhanced verification processed with bittrex as well, even after jumping through all their identity hoops. because they’re a US company they have KYC/AML/ATF requirements they are trying to comply with, so it’s kind of a necessary evil, based on what most of the real world use for bitcoin has been in the past few years.

eventually i tweeted to the owner of bittrex and richiela and that got my account activated, finally! it also takes days/week to get your funds from fiat through coinbase or bitstamp into btc/eth, so annoyingly slow! but then transferring to bittrex (carefully with the addresses!) and buying ADA and transferring to Daedalus wallet (beautiful) is pretty smooth!

bottom line, it does take time, it’s a pain, that’s what early adopters have to do, but it will all be worth it in 3 years. please think long term. warren buffet said the market is “an efficient tool to take money from the impatient and give it to the patient.”

have fun and enjoy the ride. there are only buying opportunities with Ada!


Hey, yeah i’m in for the long run, i could have made a 4x profit but i didn’t sell, i’m even thinking of buying more :joy: