Bittrex ADA wallet INACTIVE

Anyone else seeing their Bittrex ADA wallet inactive?

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Hey enzian,
mine is inactive to.

I’m concerned, that there is something wrong and I will loose my ADA.

Bittrex says, that it’s a “normal” maintanance. Maybe someone from Cardano can calm us down with some background information.

Hi Steven,
OK, I’m sort of glad that I’m not the only one.
As far as I can tell Bittrex does this to protect our wallets. You should still be able buy ADA – I did this morning.

I know that some of my docs were not registered online and I assumed the Bittrex support team were going to do a manual verification.

I’m going to raise a support ticket and see what they say.
Will let you know of any developments on my side, appreciate it if you could do the same.

Hey enzian,
I’m sort of glad, too and thank you for your reply.

I will let you know everything I get to know about this.

Hope it will work again soon :slight_smile:

i experienced last three week ago when the transaction is huge and very fast within milliseconds on BCH/BTC… even they delayed the ticker /balance information and feeling freezes. But it is OK. I would suggest transfer ASAP to your daedalus wallet for your Peace of Mind.

Hey dyorID,
thank you for your reply. You’re right. I will transfer as soon as possible to deadalus.

When you experienced it, you didn’t loose anything?

Thanks dyorID. Will transfer as soon as I can.

Thanks! Really put my mind at ease.

In my case, due to the super bullish people rushing to buy and sell, from $300 to $1600 within several hours. Hence theirs system overloaded. I couldn’t see the balance or place the order, freezed for several minutes & hours . I guess it is similar happening on current ADA & IOTA. At the end Everything fine.

1/ Due to very high load during the past 24 hours, some @BittrexExchange wallets are experiencing an issue that self corrects within 60 seconds. We have identified it is to do with reporting the wallet status rather than with the wallet itself…
@CardanoStiftung @cardanocom

2/ We are taking precaution of asking @BittrexExchange to temporarily suspend wallets whilst we create a patch to fix this. Trading still taking place and users’ funds are secure. Thanks for your patience while we work on restoring normal service. @cardanocom @CardanoStiftung

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Thanks for the update

Hey everyone! Yesterday was an incredible milestone for Bittrex and ADA. Bitcoin hit 10K, and the surge of interest spiked most platforms. ADA went from 0.027 to .13 in the span of 12 hours. HUGE growth. Your currency is secured on the blockchain - not the wallet. Your keys ensure you have access to your currency from the blockchain. Don’t worry or panic. Your ADA is secure.