ADA wallet on Bittrex has been offline for a week!

The Bittrex ADA wallet has been has been inactive for a week !

Can you please let me know when it will be online. Very very concerned.


Sorry but only Bittrex themselves can answer this, it’s a matter for them, not for Cardano.

(There’s some chance that IOHK is helping them with technical issues, still it would be up to Bittrex to make the decisions and announcements.)


Hi Rob, the Bittrex team has said they have no clue as Cardano developers are working on it !!!

Very fearful.


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Nothing to fear!
I have confirmed with the IOHK team that Bittrex’s ADA wallet was temporarily disabled to proactively prepare for the Cardano 1.3 update, which happened this week. Thanks for your understanding!


Thanks much :!

It’s online now. I did a test withdrawal, appeared within 1 minute in Daedalus, reached high assurance level in 3 minutes.

Thanks much, Hayamoto. I also received a confirmation from Bittrex that the issue has been resolved.


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