Cardano ADA wallet is still offline on Bittrex exchange

Hi Community, Im wondering if anyone has an opinion on what could be going on here. The Cardano Wallet is offline on the Bittrex trading platform, and has been for about 3 days now. The Platform had stated that they would be making an upgrade on the 27th of Feb, all other wallets seem to be back online except for ADA. This is what Bittrex tech support wrote back to me

ADA Wallet still offline, is there any indication of when the Wallet will return to being back online.


Thank you for reaching out to your Bittrex Customer Experience Team! My name is Corran and I will be assisting you.

My apologies for any inconvenience but we do not have a timeframe on when certain wallets will be online. Our wallet team is working diligently to address this. Additionally, it looks like there is a maintenance for the ADA blockchain, above and beyond our technology upgrade changes.

Thank you for being a part of the Bittrex family! Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

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Does anyone have any thoughts on this

Much appreciated

I don’t know the full details, but this seems very unlikely. If that was the case other exchanges would have the same situation.


The wallet is still offline and nobody will say what is happening

Please be advised we are aware of the ongoing ada deposit/withdrawal issues with Bittrex. This period of downtime is to allow Bittrex perform necessary updates to the Cardano wallet. The IOHK Development team is working with Bittrex to help them complete these updates.
Wallet services will be restored to normal as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Official announcement on Telegram 6 March 17:26 GMT.

Very frustrating, I am sure all will be well in the end. Once wallet opens I will move to Daedulus and to paper, I’m long 5 years on ADA. I don’t understand what has happened as I don’t know much about the dev side of this industry. It could also be the reason for the low volumes of transactions at the moment.

This is what Bittrex support wrote to me,

ADA wallet is still offline since update on Bittrex was implemented Feb28. Is there now any idea of when the wallet will be back fro with drawls and deposits. Is the ADA safe on the exchange if this status continues?

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for your question. We are actively working with the ADA devs to during the maintenance period to bring it back up as fast as possible, however we do not have an ETA on when maintenance will be completed. You can always check for the status of a wallet. That said, as long as your deposit was on the proper block chain and it’s transaction ID can be found on the official explorer your coins should credit when the wallet is turned back on. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your response,

Can I ask what you mean about the proper block chain and the transaction
Id being found on the official explorer. Do you mean can it be found on
the Bittrex block, what is the offical explorer?,

in the case of my ADA coins, would we you be referring to the Cardano
explorer as the official explorer ? and would that be derived from the
ADA wallet address on bittrex? Or would the transaction id be strictly
be to do with the transaction on Bittrex.

The tokens are currently reflected in my wallet and were purchased over
multiple transactions over the past 2 months.

Please help put my mind at ease here.

Much appreciated

Hi Ryan,

I apologize if I caused any confusion with that statement. All it means is that if you had transferred any ADA coins to your Bittrex wallet during the maintenance period, it would not be lost. Once the maintenance period ends the deposit would go through to your Bittrex wallet.

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It happened several times before. For some reason Bittrex is always slow when it comes to Cardano Wallet maintenance.

According to @rickymac the wallet maintenance was completed and he could send ADA to/from Bittrex again. Hope this helps.


Still in maintenance , Any news??

The Bittrex wallet is working again :slight_smile:

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API Switch from v.0 to v.1?

I would like to say Bittrex customer service is fantastic!

I noticed a post by Charles in reference to Bittrex accepting Fiat. I thought yeah, I remember that $10K minimum. Well NO MORE minimum is now $1000! Turn around time to get approved was about 24 hours.

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is there any information about the ADA on bittrex “Notice: Wallet Maintenance”

deposit and withdraw are offline


Sorry but only Bittrex can supply that information, nobody else knows what they are doing.

Unless there’s a whistleblower… :smile:

it still not work on bittrex .

Sorry to hear that.