Bittrex wallet update

Does anyone know how long it will take for Bittrex to update their ADA wallet so I can transfer tokens to my ADA wallet?
I can’t get my rewards until I have some ADA in my wallet.
Thanks for any insight into this!

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Having same issue.

Sorry, nobody else can tell you more than Bittrex can.

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I chatted with Bittrex and they made it sound like they were waiting on Cardano to get it completed.
I checked Kraken and they “have” updated the ADA coin on their exchange to the new Shelley version so maybe I’ll send something through them.
Thanks for answering.

That’s unfortunate but they’re not the first. I suppose they see it as “Cardano’s fault” they have to do the upgrade, so not too much of a stretch to suggest it’s Cardano’s fault they haven’t completed it yet.

Found this on twitter.

Im also waiting for Bittrex as my ADA is stuck on their exchange.
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Having same issue, would love an update. Thanks for posting!

Bittrex wallet is back online