Bittrex holding ADA?

I was able to purchase some more ADA on Bittrex the other day and am looking into cold storage using the Daedalus wallet. The problem its that Bittrex has not allowed me to move my ADA for the last 2 days saying that the “Wallet is disabled for upgrade”.

Anyone have a clue?

Nope but binance its like 2min withdrawal, haven’t had any problems yet - very few downtimes… If you can trade back to BTC or ETH you could transfer these to binance and then from binance to daudalus. If you can transfer the others at bittrex.

If you distrust or dont want to wait.

I have the same dilemma. hopefully this will resolve itself soon. Does anyone have any idea about how long this upgrade will take?

When there was trouble with withdrawing from binance it took a couple of weeks or so. No one could say how long it was going to take to fix it.

I think it must be because of the wallet update. I’m installing Daedalus wallet now. I’ll be getting my ADA off of Bittrex ASAP.

Installation is taking forever, Syncing Blocks at a slow rate. I’ll keep you updated as to how it goes.

Stop using bittrex, try Binance. I had nothing but trouble with bittrex. Especially moving coins in and out of that exchange.

Is anyone else having this problem now as of August 10 ?


I have confirmed with the IOHK team that Bittrex’s ADA wallet was temporarily disabled to proactively prepare for the Cardano 1.3 update, which happened this week. Thanks for your understanding!