Daedalus Wallet 0.8.2 is Beta version ? + How to get ADA

Hello everyboby, I am from Montreal, Canada, It is my first post here. I have just completed the setup of my Daedalus Wallet I have 3 questions:

  1. Is the version 0.8.2 a Beta one ? (in other words, it is not safe to store the ADA tokes that I may purchase from Bittrex or other Exchange)

  2. Linked to question 1, if my Wallet 0.8.2 is still a Beta version, how can I get an ADA-Dummy Vaucher to start playing with the Wallet and its functionalities ?

  3. Is there any other way to get ADA other that buying them in Bittrex/Exchanges ?

  4. Because the Daedalus Wallet is on its first stages, will the foundation compensate for ADA that I expect to send from Bittrex and unfortunately get ‘‘lost’’ somewhere, without being registered on the Cardano Blokchain ?

Thank you

1 and 2. It’s safe - and the Testnet has already run its course. The current wallet connects to the Mainnet. Provided that you know your recovery phrase, your coins are safe, and your recovery phrase is compatible with later versions of Daedalus. The client can be a bit buggy, but its very early days I guess.

  1. Not currently, but eventually you will be able to stake the Ada you hold in the Daedalus wallet to generate income. The specifics of which are yet to be revealed.

  2. Provided you use the correct addresses, all transactions should eventually go through. You shouldn’t ever “lose” anything.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Dev, that’s just my understanding.

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Hello, I think that you and I are on similar tracks. I completed my first few transfers from Bittrex to the Daedalus wallet this evening. My impressions of it as compared to other exchange transfers is that it is very fast–none of my exchanges took more than 2 minutes. I was initially thrown when the first transfer showed up and said “low” trust level, but the level quickly increased with more confirmations and all the transfers displayed “high” confidence marks in short order. The Daedalus GUI was very sharp and easy to understand. Also, the extended hash addresses are reassuring in that they are so long that they must be exponentially more secure than the much shorter addresses I see with BTC, ETH and the rest. All in all, I am very impressed with the Daedalus wallet’s performance. Well thought out. Now, I just wish that they would get listed on more exchanges!!! I expect terrific things from Cardano, this wallet is a definite leap in the right direction.


HI Chris !

Sorry for my late response, I was back to ‘‘non cryto world’’, making
money to invest in cryto :).

Indeed, I am alos expecting big gains on my Cardano Wallet. My funding
on fiat money is taking tooooooo much time but I guess sometime between
now and tomorrow I will be having new fresh to put here…

Best regards