Bittrex ADA Wallet

The ADA wallet on the Bittrex exchange has been in maintenance mode for several days. I tried contacting support but they gave me no information and no ETA for when it will be back online. Does anyone have any information on this?

Yes you’re right, for maintenance they disabled the wallet

I guess they are upgrading to the new version of the protocol, in fact they must do it to for the Shelley release

Not the first time Bittrex has taken a while on their maintenance. At least can still buy ada :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

I understand it can be quite frustrating and stressful whenever you’re not able to access your funds properly on Bittrex exchange.

The support team has informed me that IOHK & Bittrex have identified the problem and they are currently working together on a solution with Bittrex’s CTO, as we speak.
Additionally, the Cardano blockchain is working fine and all network systems are a go. Bittrex should be providing you with updates shortly, but I will also keep an eye out for any additional info and follow up with it if I have anything.

Whenever there are any technical issues with major exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, UpBit, HitBTC, etc,

on top of raising a support ticket with the exchange, it’s also best to create a support request with IOHK’s Technical Support Desk, at

At our support desk there is a qualified team of agents, dedicated to help & support any questions/issues you may have. This is so they can contact the appropriate team responsible as we did in this case. :+1:


Thank you for the detailed update! I will keep that in mind if/when the wallet goes inactive again. Your help on this matter is much appreciated!

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