Bittrex Withdrawals


Just set up my Daedalus wallet and went to transfer funds from Bittrex and have the message “Automated Maintenance”. Any idea how long it’s been saying this for? And why?


Been like that for at least 11 hours now.


I’m looking for answers too!

My first test buy of ADA and I get the “Automated Maintenance” notice on my ADA wallet.

I’ve recently created an account with Bittrex specifically to buy ADA. I successfully jumped through all the hoops and moved some Bitcoin to trade with and all went well there. Not so much with the ADA buy.




Bittrex has my ADA coin in a reserved status. when and how will i get an update as to when the Daedalus wallet issues is resolved? Thanks


Thanks for the reply, just logged in to Bittrex and all seems ok now :slight_smile: Hope I can move all my ADA into my wallet now.


All seems fixed now?


Shame, I’ve dusted logged onto Bittrex and seems that issue from yesterday is now resolved? I haven’t tried to move any ADA yet though…


Hi please let me know if it was a successful withdrawal into your Daedalus wallet thanks


Will let you know👍🏽


i successfully withdraw my ADA and it was instantly received into the daedalus wallet


My daedalus wallet has been at 99.63% since 10 minutes now. This does not look normal. Anybody else has problem syncing blocks?


its normal it depends on your connection


I restarted, and currently it is stuck at the “connecting to network…” phase.

My internet is stable. :confused:


it literally took me a whole day. but try to run as administrator. right clikc run as administrator


Really? Isn’t that weird that you have to wait a complete day just so you can access your wallet. Btw, I am running it on mac.


no its syncing. also when its done. its fast!


I had already done the syncing once, and every subsequent times that I would open it, it was very fast. But currently it is stuck at “Connecting to network…” for maybe an hour now…


Excellent, I will try again either tomorrow or Saturday. It seems straight forward enough?


When I first downloaded the wallet it took over an hour to sync… Has your completed now?