Buying ADA in New York


Perhaps it will take more times… when did u change btc to ada?

Also u need to contact atomic wallet support team


45 mins ago

Ok, perhaps u need to wait longer

Can u check ur ada wallet address on cardano explorer?

Download the AnchorUSD App and buy it there. I been able to buy it there and I am in NYC. The buying and selling fees are clear but it is worth it for now.

Do you actually WRITE down the addresses then?
I used to use binance before they cut us off and it was so easy because all I had to do was copy and paste between wallets.

I’d advise against buying anything on AnchorUSD or transferring any fiat funds into them at this time. Many threads are popping up on Reddit and Twitter of their system refusing to transfer out ADA or fiat. Support emails and twitter threads are not being promptly replied to, as they seem at the very least slammed with requests.

Hey, thanks for your comment. I have been dealing with crypto exchanges for a while and NONE of them have good customer service. Personally I have had a great experience with AnchorUSD, I have bought crypto that is not available anywhere else in NY like ADA, PolkaDot and Monero and been able to sell and cash out. I hope they get their act together because more people should have access to ADA.

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The more people that have access to ADA, the better. That being said, all exchanges right now are experiencing massive growing pains due to the mammoth influx of new users. I believe the Gamestop saga, unlimited fiat money printing and the lack of yield in legacy bank accounts are causing the masses to seek out alternatives. Cardano stands to benefit from this influx of new users, but it won’t be without some bumps along the way!

Kraken supports Cardano as well as margin with Cardano… Can’t use Kraken in NY?

Maybe u wanna see this

Hey so I have coinbase, how do I buy cardano through it? My tester $1 went through. Do I send it to my email or how?

Thank you xx

Voyager and KuCoin both offer ADA and I have transferred my coins on and off those two exchanges without issue.

KuCoin had the least KYC when I signed up last year

So best way to do this is buy BTC on Coinbase or Coinbase Pro (lower fees). That purchase happens instantly and then transfer those BTC’s to one of the exchanges I mentioned above - you have to wait several days to do this part because Coinbase waits for bank transfer to clear before allowing withdrawls.

ADA is a great investment and hold for your portfolio so we’ll worth putting in this effort. Not to mention KuCoin has many other hard to find coins available if you go with them.

Good luck!

Phemex has it

I did the same. Are u planning to leave the ada in atomic wallet. I was trying to transfer it back to Coinbase but it is not allowing me.