Not so increased in Satoshi

After the Coinbase news, ADA was not much pumped compare to other tokens. What could be the possible reason?

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perhaps because people are moving from pure announcements, more and more to “mission-fulfilled” news. I think that’s actually quite good.

personal note: I would prefer to have this question as a comment to the existing coinbase topics, just to hold topics and discussion together

Trading: Coinbase (announced *possible*) listing! Gradz to all cardano holders :)
Random: Coinbase anounced (possible) ADA listing


like @werkof said the announcement was only that they ‘may’ add ADA if they actually do it then we may see a pump

Another reason, though it did get a 12+% pump on Binance, which isn’t bad, is that it is already in the top ten. It and xlm got about the same pump. The top 10 coins seem to mirror Bitcoin in price, so a bump of that size, while Btc just sat still, is pretty impressive. If it is anything like etc, I expect its chart to be a little stronger than Bitcoins in the coming weeks, followed by a breather.