ADA too much conected to Bitcoin or?

Ok guys, I need some real explanations here. I know that crypto world is highly unpredictable and risky for investment. They also told me that prices for coins are conected directly to some rumours or country regulations,or just regular news. So when guys anounced working testnets, than icarus and yoroi, than possible coinbase listing, than USD pair on Bittrex, than start of delegation development…price constantly was going down…??? Am I missing the point,or only that matters is Bitcoin,and every alt is just doomed from begining,no matter some is 1000 times better than BTC??

I guess Bitcoin is the only crypto got relatively massive adoption right now, which took it almost 10 years.

If you ask anyone who is not in the space, they know Bitcoin but not Ada.


I feel your fear uncertainty and doubt. Right now Crypto market is mere speculation and manipulation. Bitcoin is the most well known and trusted Crypto on the market. Bitcoin have already the needed networks.
I believe that Cardano have all the capacity and the ability to be on the top 3 on coinmarket cap in the near future. Remember that Cardano is most promising project in the making. Right now Just fastend your seat belt wait and Holdl.
I think that most Crypto’s will be obsolete when lightening networks is fully implemented on Bitcoin mainet. Only few projects like Cardano will stand tall. When Shelley is fully operational and delagation is implemented ADA will hit new highs. Now is the time to buy more if you can and Holdl. The future is brght.