ADA now buyable with Ethereum = another price spike incoming?


So with the new ADA-ETH pairing at Bittrex, do you think it will have a noticable effect on ADA price?


I think any opportunity to improve the seamless purchase of ADA will prove beneficial to the overall value of the currency. The real upside will be seen when we see ADA begin to pop up on the other exchanges, especially bitflyer and coinbase. Then, it’s off to the races in my opinion.


They should hurry up. CARDANO tripled its market cap in the last 24 hours. It is worth more than ETC right now.


I wouldn’t be surprised if ADA is -30% or -40% tomorrow, or it could be the other direction (up)! Short term it is impossible to time the market. Riding out the madness is what crypto investing is all about. Dream big and hold quality coins.


I believe the only reason it would be that low is if Bittrex still had the freeze on trading ADA. I am seeing educated investors diving deep into the crypto library looking for the next “big thing.” Fortunately, the cult following that surrounds Cardano is justified, and I think that when the doors are opened for exchanging… it’s going to break loose. The volumes of information surrounding the currency are astounding, which I believe is what is driving the spike in investments.


@Andross01 You called it!


Open in binance to trade for ethers