ADA to the Moon!

right now Ada is .34 USD how much do you think it will be before the year ends?


The crazy thing is that this is all speculative: no new announcements of successes or failures related to IOHK, or anything of that nature. No new exchanges announced as listing it. Nothing. Just bitcoin rising, and people looking for the next best alt-coin, I suppose. And Cardano represents it’s self, and it’s future plans very, very, very well.

I considered selling off 25% of my ADA when it hit $0.37 USD, then rebuying when it corrected to boost my stake, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. I’m too confident in this project to risk selling off then having it jump another 20%.

I just wish I had more $$$ to invest when it was .08 to .12 USD … I had no hesitations, but financially could only pull a small amount in comparison to many others. Bummer.

EDIT: And to answer your question: no idea. Nobody knows. This market is so insanely volatile, who could really predict any of this to an exact (or even close) amount? It’s crazy. But I love it.


In my opinion I think that cardano arrive $1,10 in this month.I think that now the people see cardano on something to bet on and this will still increase the price after all the cardano has been a magnificent project

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wait wait,its normal weekend pump i prey for next days goes down to buy again cause this is pump in24hours 80%??? not normal.we already seen this.

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I think it will be between 60 cents and a dollar 1 st jan 2018.


Q2 2018 will be absolutely critical - this is all speculative. If Cardano does deliver on its promises, I can easily see Cardano at 60B market cap - resulting in over $2 in 2018.


111% increase in ADA just for this day! what a great time to be an early adopter.

I am surprised, what is driving the price?

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Yea i see more and more posers and pumpers here,i would be glad to come in 0.12 and buy more,and then 2018 is coming 2019,2020…then we l talk.

Im for loong ride and bright future with ada


Yes there is, south Korea just regulated crypto. In a very user friendly way. They are now buying en mass to prepare for mass adoption.

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it will go up and maybe little more down but the trend is all the way up. as more ppl come to crypto world all it takes to do little research, look into their standing, and find out how great is cardano vs other cryptoz, as a result more ppl buy in. if there will be an evolution in cryptoz cardano has the highest chance to go rival with others. and if cardano well educated and organized team cant do it, then how could others do it.
also look at the top10 crypto they have so many exchanges and cardano is runnign on only 2 main one right now. it takes couple of good exchange like coinbase to come in, then i will tell you what happen it might even take over light coin spot too :slight_smile:

sorry forgot to add this link too

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Guys, there were actually 2 announcements yesterday. Whilst its impossible to say if they are the sole cause of the price jump, I think it’s somewhat incorrect to say there have been no new announcements.

1st announcement: Cardano soft fork increasing transaction size from 4kb to 64kb.
2nd announcement: First iteration of IELE was released (Cardano’s VM which smart contracts will be built on) which is arguably one of the most important components of the Cardano block chain in competing with Ethereum.

I think the price increase is probably a combination of these announcements as well as Cardano getting much more exposure to new investors. Most people simply did not know about the Cardano project and there are a tonne of new entrants in the crypto space over the last few weeks so the market is not operating with full knowledge but it began to take notice as the price moved. We also saw popular figures like Charlie Lee tweet about it bringing even more attention to the project. And as more people came to know about it, its only natural that the price would reflect where Cardano ought to sit in the ranks.

Cardano for example is much more stable and further along and has IMHO more potential than IOTA which is full of bugs and issues at this stage, not to mention the controversy regarding it’s shady marketing practices, so it make sense that Cardano now has a higher valuation than it.


This is looking unhealthy though.

i’m not too knowledgeable on tether but is it even possible for $210 million tether to pump a market by $10 billion?

yup, please read about the Tulip mania, you just need a reduced circulating supply.

@mootje No, this is not unhealthy. This is the ebb and flow of cryptocurrency investing. What’s happening is new retail users are joining in droves. is now ranked 100 in Alexa for the United States. In January 2017, is was ranked around 4800 in the US. This means that interest in cryptocurrency has grown exponentially for the average person. As new retail users search, read, digest and begin to slowly understand, most begin to generally realize that some cryptocurrency products and platforms seem like smoke and mirror, while others seem feasible. The information presented by the Cardano team is leagues above others and makes it easy for the layman to see the vision. As a new investor, would you trust Vitali as he tries to explain Ethereum in his hyper technical nonsensical manner or Charles Hoskins as he discusses Cardano in a professorial and mature manner? I chose the latter. Additionally, most retail investors want to own a full token, not partials. Its human nature to want ownership of full sums. They are not able or willing to drop 19K on a bitcoin or $700 for just 1 Ethereum. But they sure can spend $250 for 500 ADA or Ripple and thus get a chance to participate in what 90% believe to be a chance at winning the lottery. Most will sell as soon as the roller coaster begins, some will stick around. Institutional investors are also adding significantly more volatility and money to the mix and this will increase in 2018. Finally, continued talk about Ripple, Cardano, Monero and a few others being added to certainly has helped drive interest. If you are in this for the long term - enjoy the ride, buy the dips and remember you were an early adopter for something special. :wink:


The reason why price drive is due to day trading volume. Many people are just buying and selling at certain price point. I seen the volume go from 50 million to 950 million in 18 hours. than back to 200 million. Due to speculations this is how the market moves. Since there is very few long term traders theres 80% more day traders

  • The market cap of cryptocurrencies as a whole is rising dramatically.
  • Cardano has a better ‘team’ (HKIO, Uni colabs, researchers) than 90% of projects in the space.
  • Ada is more difficult to acquire than most cryptos at this moment.
  • Ada is not built into most ecosystems yet. (Shapeshift, exchanges, fiat gateways, ect)
  • Shelly release in Q2 2018.

I’m holding long term and acquiring more. If you’re day trading Ada you’re doing it wrong. Dips will be small and short lived.



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