Don't expect ADA moon

With Shelley main net scheduled later this year,possible coinbase listing and greater activity l expect modest price increase in ADA,but with a 31 billion circulating supply l wouldn’t expect anything astronomical.Low bitcoin inflation rate post halving will also have an influence.

Would you expect anything astronomical from any coin this year?

Maybe a $2 ada in 2030

The one thing I’ve learned about making price predictions is the more I make them the more I’m wrong!


Well,we will see

Another thing Fred,l find it annoying that people in this space are critical of those who offer price prediction or seek others opinions of price prediction. What’s wrong with that? I would gladly like to hear other peoples views that are much more knowledgeable than helps you come to an informed decision on your targets, the amount u should buy ,your goals etc

I don’t think there is anything wrong with talking about pricing. One of the key reasons Bitcoin was successful is it introduced a profit motive to maintain the network. Like it or not most Humans respond to monetary incentives and I don’t think it’s in any way shameful to acknowledge that. However I think there is a reluctance by many to discuss prices as they feel it may send the wrong message to any people who are coming to this forum for the first time. Crypto has a reputation for being a glorified get-rich-quick scheme by many, so people are sensitive to that here. I think there is a Cardano trading group on Telegram that talk exclusively about price BTW. Because my predictions have been so off the mark and I’m reluctant to give anyone anything that resembles financial advice I typically speak to what I see as value of the product rather than price. With that said I personally have felt that there has been a mismatch between value and price for some time and hopefully what we are seeing now with the very recent price increase is the market waking up to the fact that there has been a lot of amazing work over the last 2 years that has gone unrecognized. Since we are talking about price though I’ll play along and take a stab at it. I took a quick look at what Tezos has done as I think it will be a fair comparison as far as market reaction as it is also a proof of stake coin. Went from lows of around 40 cents in Jan of 2019 to highs of 3.73 in Feb of 2020. Somewhere between an 8X or 9X increase. If we do the same with Cardano using a starting value of .03 cents that gets us between 20 and 30 cents pretty easily. This assumes that Ada gets a Coinbase listing at some point this year and Shelly and Goguen are on time. I personally think it could go higher than that but if history is any guide it could be a lot lower or stay where it is also. I have to admit I am a moon boy at heart though so take my thoughts for what they are worth.

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I agree. ADA won’t Moon, ADA will Pluto…


BTW I like this guys strategies usually:


Well that was interesting, a lot of it l couldn’t understand because l am not that smart,but interesting. I think he is saying if people like us have been accumulating for a couple of years,we should be seeing green now, but don’t buy more if it is more than 10 cents,cos your risk is increasing too much.Is that right?Also be prepared for some big retracement on the upward cycle to 2023 when things will crash?

Now l see Charles Hoskinson talking about price,not specifically, but generally about the importance of price to a project. This is the first time l have heard him discuss the topic at any length. He says he sees a strong possibility that Cardano will be competitive with the other cryptos on price,but that ultimately the market, of course, will determine.

As far as i understand you’re interested in getting to know other people’s opinion, regarding the next all time high Cardano will make in the next bull run.

My pov is that we are still in years that you have to pay attention on Bitcoin’s price and what i mean by that. If Bitcoin’s next all time high will be 100K, meaning 5x from previous one, this 5x is very possible to apply to many other cryptos too. That puts Cardano at 5$ range price.

The other scenario i keep hearing is that this time not all top cryptos will bloom, but it will be a more selective pick by investors. I don’t believe that we’ll see something like that in this cycle, since market caps are still relatively low, but in the future the trust factor will play a big role and will decouple certain cryptos from others and Cardano is investing in that trust factor more than any other crypto, of course if you exclude Bitcoin that is achieving that by not “experimenting” so much on its progress.

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Yes in a nutshell. One key point is he is happy with the amount he has accumulated between 2 and 10 cents. I also think dollar cost averaging is not a bad investment strategy.

A post I posted on a discord group. It is not an advice, just math :

Basic math : BTC total supply 21.000.000, total ADA supply : implies 1 BTC = 2142,85714 ADA. For a BTC at 6.000$ this means ADA at 2.8$ :wink: I start to accumulate ADA ! With 2.8$ as a midterm objective (coming 2 years)

You can update it with a ratio in between. It is what I made since this post.

I’m a believer that BTC will be gold. Something like XRP or XTZ silver and something like ADA copper.
Let’s assume gold=10 silver = 100 copper
Gold to save big amounts, silver to save small amounts, copper for daily paiement.

This lead to 1 ADA = 0.028$ with BTC at 6000$ and 1 ADA = 0.28$ with a BTC at 60.000$ and 1 ADA at 2.8$ with a BTC at 600.000$

All this is obviously theorical and with a lot of simplification.

You can use the same math with your believable and how much you value gold toward silver toward copper and where you decide to place ADA.


The logical way to compare price is so (without values, just the logic behind):

  1. calculate the ratio between total supply of each coin you compare. You need to use this ratio first.
  2. decide which value you give to the coin based on its purpose.
  3. decide any love factor you trust in /expect in the future.

Coin B price = supply ratio * purpose ratio * love ratio * Coin A price.

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I believe, in part, to your economic standing view in regards to BTC, XRP and XTZ however were are views depart is were ADA is concerned, personally I see ADA as Platinum. :metal:

$ money worldwide !
$80 trillion compared to ADA 45 billion.

If ADA rules them all 45 ADA = $80.000
Max value.
I guess a few crypto will survive for different purpose.

Worldwide money in $ : 80 000 000 000 000
ADA Total supply : 45 000 000 000 => $1 778
BTC Total supply : 21 000 000 => $3 809 524

Here are a couple more videos:

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  • 0.10c USD
  • 0.25c USD
  • 0.50c USD
  • 0.75c USD
  • 1.00 USD

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Lets be democratic and let people vote :smile:

I noticed that many times during the last weeks of gains for ADA that it was not tied to the volatility with BTC as much as it was in the past. We had days where ADA was up 14% and BTC was at 1.7% and even days when BTC was -1.9% while ADA was at 9%.

They often move together but ADA has been showing us lately that it can move independently from the rest. This type of market separation is something I desire as a former stock trader. When the DOW falls sometimes the S & P is soaring or the NASDAQ. I do not want a world in which the whales and exchanges manipulating BTC and ETH can control Cardano by proxy.

This is where POS will ultimately set the standard for more HODL. ADA has even more incentive to get you to stake and rewards you for that. Last time I checked my BTC sits there and constantly disappoints. With ADA staking I can at least earn some returns when the market is down instead of just eating red.

I believe we will see $0.50-$1 by December 2021 and I am basing that on extremely conservative projections. My unfiltered view is that we will see a rise similar to Tezos and might see $1 by xmas of this year. When they hype wears down who really knows but for now I am riding these waves all the way to the shore!

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