Price expectations

Cardano is now heading to $ 0.051
And the expectation at the year level is that we will go to 0.16 dollars
Date of writing this article 03/30/2020

We will meet when there is anything new

Meet the first expectation

The end of this year will fulfill the second expectation

Then I will tell you about the new prices

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I’m looking forward to it!

Hello guys

I am happy because everything is going well

I did my own analysis today and saw that we are going to 0.54 and then bounce back to 0.25

Let me do more analysis to make sure this is correct

See you guys soon

The time this article was written on 11/07/2020

Good to see some sane and reasonable price expectations here. There’s a lot of over-hyped price predictions being put out there! :grin:


I want to let you know that the price is $ 0.25
It is confirmed and we will see this price during the coming period
It may take a little longer, but this price has become apparent to us

This article was written 07/30/2020
Price when writing this article
$ 0.139

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Everything is going well
You don’t have to worry about this drop
The date 08/25/2020

But with what expecting this price?
No partnerships announced.
Shelley integration in long process.
Gougen integration in best case on the end of the year.

Sorry but what type of analysis are you running? I understand throwing up numbers and hoping they stick is enticing but you really should inform the community how you are getting your price targets.

It’s one thing to look at the charts and mention important prices or things to watch for. Even saying you believe a certain price is a good deal is fine.

Saying ADA will be 0.25 with no time horizon and without any mention of what type of analysis or modeling you are doing is suspect.

I don’t mean to be rude but you see people doing this exact same things in stock forums all the time and it can really mislead beginners.

If you are running a particular analysis I would love to hear about it. At a minimum I would like to know specifics about the indicators you are utilizing.

Personally I am going to be very excited if we can see a sustained break from BTC price correlation. I don’t expect that until the Cardano platform develops more but those advances are knocking at the door. In the scenario that the market pulls back further we could see that break sooner because of the expectations of future releases (Voltaire, Goguen, etc…)

Either way I am excited about ADA and am in it for the long term! I hope it hits the moon but we as a community need to be realistic and data driven (IMHO).

Buy the dips and only bet what you can afford to lose. Stay safe everyone and try to do your own research. At a minimum ask questions and try to understand how people are determining their end points. You may find their data sets or analysis is fundamentally flawed.

Cheers and sorry for the novel of a post.

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