What price do you think ada has end dec 2019

Hi, the latest replys on the topic price predictions are old. What do people think/hope the price will be at the end of 2019? Untill now it is very disappointing, last months the price has fallen down. And i don t dare to mention here the tops the coin reached in 2018… My hope and prediction is that it will be € 0,10 end december 2019 and will rise to € 0,20 in 2020. I have a few thousand ada, also not so much, bought at a average price off € 0,052. So i lost a little bit last months…

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Price predictions are wrong 99% of the time. Ultimately everyone who owns ADA or is working on the blockchain wants Cardano to do well and achieve their goals and ambitions.

People throwing numbers around means very little.

At the moment, BTC has a hold over Alts and any major movements it makes affects the rest of the market.

Let’s say Shelley and Goguen are released… Smarts contracts are being made, people are starting to really make use of the Cardano Blockchain… what sort of adoption do you expect?

Shelley and Goguen eras are more about decentralisation and functionality, Basho is about scalability and interoperability, supporting adoption and higher transactions.

The Voltaire era of Cardano will provide the final pieces required for the Cardano network to be self-sustaining. With the introduction of a voting and treasury system, network participants will be able to use their stake and voting rights to influence the future development of the network.

What I am trying to get at, is there are so many projects out there that pump their prices, then get ‘rekt’. The fundamentals of Cardano are different, the organisations developing and working to get the blockchain where it needs to be are working hard, very active.

The value at the end of Dec 2019 will mean very little, as Cardano progresses the price will naturally follow.

If I was a whale right now holding a bucked load of BTC, I would be working with other whales to keep the 3rd generation blockchain (ADA) as low as possible. I would want people to get anxious and sell, I would keep this up as long as possible. One day whales will not be able to do this, mass adoption is the aim, with a real meaning for the technology.

What will the price of ADA be then? $0.10, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20… Time will tell :+1:.