What do you think the 2019 USD price for ADA?

( let’s say everybody is till staying in the loop here…)

From the crazy mount ADA top down to the valley of desperation, long have we suffered in 2018! Here comes the dawn of 2019, and we are going to…suffer more!?

I don’t know but… I have prepared for it: $0.013 - $0.147


BTW, I find the song Misty Mountains very well fits 2019. So let’s sing it and begin our journey (some changes have been made):

Far over the ADA mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day
To find our long-forgotten gold

The pines were roaring on the heights
The winds were moaning in the night
The fire was red, it flaming spread
The trees like torches blazed with light

The wind was on the withered heath
But in the forest stirred no leaf
There shadows lay be night or day
And the codes silent crept beneath

(Ada Ada Ada Ada ~~)

The wind went on from Satoshi to SEC
All movement in the forest ceased
but shrill and harsh across the marsh
It’s whistling voices were released

Farewell we call to hearth and halll
Though wind may blow and rain may fall
We must await ere break of day
Far over wood and mountain tall

(The ADA Mountain)


a complete guess

assuming we’ve already seen the bottom - between 8c - 3c, with a dip close to the 2018 lows near year end

if we haven’t then 0.013 would be very nice, i don’t think we’ll get that lucky though

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Unfortunately l have to agree with you maybe around 0.13.Gotta get to 10 cents first.

Abandon ship. I’m going to ethereum. Bye2 ADA.

definitely caught my attention @bluecryptonite

May i ask you why? or are you just pulling a fast one, which in that case, good one!

@bluecryptonite jumped off the boat and was found dead in the ocean… He sold low and bought high, another Eth victim R.I.P :clap: :joy:

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Just realized that good fundamental crypto like cardano doesn’t change my financial life n just go back like usually trading… sold all my ADA and trade like before… collect shits coins to get bitcoin.Thanks cardano for best lesson in my life.

A man of refreshing candor…most definitely appreciated!

i must say, once you’re in, you can never leave (sort of like the mafia lol :slight_smile:

On a serious note, hoping your not leaving the forum and parting ways from being a member of the Cardano community. I can speak for most when i say, your opinion and thoughts will always matter, no matter the path you choose.

Good Luck!


I think you really bought high, then sold low, for Ada, took a big lesson, like me.

In a down trend, selling is a common practice. I think it’s partially right in trading. And it’s further partially right if one buys back a lower price.
I’m still waiting.

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Yes indeed… Easy money here in the market, and exiting concepts here in crypto. I’m hearing it: WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

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Yes, still 5 times the crowd sale price…

What really worries me is that the development seems to go slowly and bumpily. You can be slow and steady, or fast but unstable. But if it comes both while lots of competitors around you… oh no.

My prediction coming here. When shelley phase and POS take place, we will see great long bull run. Also coinbase list cardano near future. I feel this is very bullish year for cardano. We see exactly 0.935$ price at this year. Next december ada is will be fifth biggest crypto in world. It very BIG mistake sell that sleeping giant now. Pump is only option at this time.

Warum ist die Stimmung so schlecht?


Die Stimmung ist nür super :+1:t2: Dezember und Januar sind wie Black Friday für ein Projekt mit enormem Potenzial.

Anything approaching $.70 and I think I will be set for life. But why stop there!
bout tree fiddy
so moon shot

I am going to be a bit more conservative. I believe it will take some time to drive the adoption. Even when Shelly and PoS is out, I think we will see only slight growth… for now.

But I do believe that we will get in top 3 in the long run, provided that Cardano meets all its goals. So for 2019, I am calling 0.12.

But I hope that I am wrong and we will go to the moon, of course :slight_smile:


Nobody knows. Crypto is gambling. Could go to $2 or 0.0002c

From 0,04 cents today 100% rise by the end of every quartal. So does that make 0,64 cents by the end of 2019? (estimate for entertainment purposes only).

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I’m thinking at least $0.60 end of 2019…Hoping even higher