With So Much Great News Why is ADA performing So Badly?

I am reading many articles saying great things about Cardano and announcements appearing to show great progress but ADA is just going down.

its tripled in price in the past 4 months

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So losing 96% down from it’s high to a few cents then tripling in value to a few cents is a good performance.

Stop looking at the price. You’re measuring fractions of cents.

Look out for the road map and be prepared to wait it out. This is a long game.

Now for the road map…


I think a lot of people were anxious waiting for big announcement about Shelley and the new roadmap. Non of these happened instead Atala an Enterprise project for IOHK was announced. I think is just disappointment.


I also expected a bit more announcements for Cardano.

But on the other hand it was an IOHK Summit and not a Cardano Summit :thinking:


Because people are anxious to know and test Shelley, Somehow people believed that they be present for a live demonstration as Charles showed a new device for staking in the opening speech, which adds more suspense to the thing … as there was none of all this news, so people react timidly toward ADA …

Yet, i assure you ( i have no tangible data to prove what i say ) but any news about Stacking would spike the price, its classical human behavior along with some FOMO, everybody would jump to stack ADA… So its a game of faith on the team and patience!


I have to say the news given during the summit was a bit disappointing compared to the VeChain summit which was held at the same time.

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Fractions of cents equate to thousands of dollars,well on paper anyway, when you have a lot of ADA.

Its maybe performing badly due of hiring wrong person. But dont worry. Some high profile person got recently fired,I dont know exactly which person and which function he hold. But I notified at a recent interview of Charles. Here is that below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU-FuzDy2Sg


Charles mentioned a new ‘token’ coming up for Ethiopia if I remember correctly, can someone confirm whether I’m right in thinking this is another coin like ADA that will reside in the Cardano ecosystem? Why not use ADA for this If it’s the case? Happy to be corrected if I’ve misunderstood.

I will be honest I was expecting this IOHQ Summit to increase demand for ADA and cause a price rise at least in the short term, really surprised to see it’s fallen further the past couple of days.

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This is probably best asked on its own. I’m thinking that most applications, Dapps and more, will use side chains and even independent chains and at a minimum settle with ADA at the SL layer. Some can transact directly with ADA and even local fiat with the right business and local legal entities. Tokens can/will likely be used more in producer networks to represent something like assets in the supply chain. That same sort of thing needs to happen for beefchain, and whether it is defined inside or outside Cardano, there can be linking contracts in Cardano.

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if youre aiming to make a few thousand dollars then this probably isnt the best investment strategy.

IMO, this is not the kind of investment you closely monitor the price of. It’s a 3-5 year game.

To each their own, but you’re trading sanity for monitoring fractions of cents. Which will always be fluctuating. Thus, so will your sanity.



Also don’t forget that kind of announcement in a bear market it’s not that bright so, some strategy may be applied here …
actually have no idea where staking is at at the moment…


I agree. I think he (like most of us) wants to see a gradual and continuous climb in the price though and was perhaps expecting to see something positive over the last few days. In fact it’s continuing to dip which is a little disappointing.

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I completely understand.

My best advice as an investor that has gone through both many losses and many gains, look away. Detach from this. It is a constant ebb and flow.

Having said that, I am also a realist. We cannot expect to not be disappointed in a project we become invested in tthat doesn’t deliver what we hoped. I was hoping for at least a roadmap. I wasn’t expecting a shelly release, just a timeline.

I hope this will come soon. And if it does, I’m keeping on with my head down. Right now, a drop in prices is a buying opportunity.

Think of it like this, what are the odds Cardano will succeed? Unknown.But there is a ttrack record associated with the people invovled, which I think gives it a pretty damn good shot.

So, if Cardano is successful, what does that equate to in price? For me, $5 in 5 years would be extremely promising and prove the project achieved a form of success. So, if I believe that is likelier than not, .07 cents or .08 cents are both incredible discounts on future success. But, I may buy at .08 and it may drop to .04 before it gets where it needs to.

But we are futurists here! Let’s look back when we invest instead of forward, which sounds counterintuitive. Review the price from 2024, not from 2019.

Best of luck guys!


Considering there was some news related to the recent general crypto price-rise and that it was all mainly caused by systematic buying and selling of a few very wealthy individuals perhaps the short-term decline in ADA price is simply the market resetting to its true current price point (I forget the technical term for this).

Edit: “Correction” is what I was looking for - Thanks Micro86. :sweat_smile:

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In regards to price, if you look at the day chart, Cardano has gone from 4 cents to 10 cents in one month. A correction is needed, it can’t go higher and higher without a correction and go straight to $1,- (or wat the top eventually might be).

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When shelly is online then the picture gets clair for ada like i tought sumit did not have explosive news, charles do not rush on things step by step working hard to its goals with cardano with this great team that is expanding the blockchain of ada no matter what i am 1000% cardano soldier.taking every set back of ada as a buying call i like dips!!! .price in 2030 hmmm like 20/30$ top 5 for sure in the space.

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