ADA's allergy to growth

Curious to know why no one talks about price on this forum? Not investors?

It would seem like this coin is allergic to growth and any talk of the matter seems to turn people green at the gills.

What is it as I just dont get it?!

Same old story, everything rallies and ADA just does the opposite or stays sideways for months on end.

Maybe I got in too late and Im left holding the bag but Christ is this waning on me now!

Where is all the action off the back of all this so called good news or is it all just smoke and mirrors?

Some of us expect a decent ROI for our value, time and money. Come on Cardano, pull your fucking finger out!


This forum isnt really to discuss about investments or the price of ADA. Its more about the project itself and what we are going to change with it. :slight_smile:

If you want to talk about price of ADA please join any of the trading channels on Telegram/Discord.



To be honest, I kinda agree with the TS, mostly of us especially who don’t understand deeply about blockchain are thinking coin as an investment. I think it will be better if this forum can open a new subforum to discuss about price.

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Price is determined by the market - I don’t really see the point of talking about it . . . . . What is there to say?


Yes and that market is currently starting to look elsewhere. That’s something worth saying dont you think?

First rule of business - If you dont keep investors happy with a reasonable ROI then you dont have a project.

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I agree with the idea that probably this forum can give some room (sub forum) that can talk about price movement, trading, anything that price related. But to make reasonable ROI (like each year) I think it is hard to achieve. If you see big cap tech stock like Apple, Microsoft, amazon, etc… I think they are flat for a long time, then suddenly boom! It is hard to make gradual increase. Usually they either booming or sudden crash.

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The forum is for folks interested in the project, like @Zyroxa said, but some of them are also investors (there is even a Trading category).

Reading this thread, it sounds so greedy. Cardano has been as lucrative as any other successful crypto around, and if you invested only a year ago you would have ~x20 ROI today.

More than that, I’m sad there seems to be no more patience for quality projects, and the understanding that great things represent a colossal investment, and that includes time.

Sure, Bitcoin & Eth moved a bit more than Ada recently, but does that mean the sky is falling?
I’d guess most folks around here don’t mind. For us it’s the long game, because we appreciate the fundamentals of the project, and the community.

Looking beyond the little crypto pond I don’t understand how people can justify this urgency to get massive returns on their money.


Where did I mention x2 my money in a few months?

You are likely very early. What can we tell from the short term movement of price?

A farmer gets a horse, which soon runs away. A neighbor says, “That’s bad news.” The farmer replies, “Who can say?”

The horse comes back and brings another horse with him. “Such good news” says the neighbour. “Who can say?” replies the farmer.

The farmer gives the second horse to his son, who rides it, then is thrown and badly breaks his leg.
“So sorry for your bad news,” says the concerned neighbor. “Who can say?” the farmer replies.

In a week or so, the emperor’s men come and take every able-bodied young man to fight in a war. The farmer’s son is spared.


I just meant the general vibe in the crypto market - edited to reflect that.
Guess I assumed if you invested in Ada more than a few months ago, you would be pleased with your returns.

If one reviews which ever measurement of growth he or she chooses, over the long term (1- 3 years) there is astounding growth. The community is growing, The CIP is flush, the number of transactions per epoch continues to grow steadily. The last I check it was 400,000 a week. I believe there are now 1 million wallets. Staking works beautifully. Dexs are coming and you will then be able to lend your ADA at a fantastic return. The price has moved from .20 to 3.00 and down to approx $2.00. The IOHK team, Emurgo and the Foundation cannot predict or control prices. They continue to build the project. It will be a multi generational project. Patience and foresight are required to hang in there. Still,m it is wise to diversify too. I sympathies greatly, the price will seem to stagnate for months on end! Then make a strong move but suddenly fall back! IT is the nature of crypto.


What would it change to talk in a more technical forum about the price? Crypto Twitter is the room for this kind of push and dump discussion :slight_smile:

The price of ADA today is not our priority, but a better future is our concern


My two cents to the price: lower price helps projects on cardano. The fees are low, the CNFT space is able to use this environment to test congestion of cardano and all that brings capabilities to improve the whole project.

Like the trading category? Trading - Cardano Forum it is there, we are just hiding the topics in the overview as the are technically the same over many years and usually don’t add any new value.


Aaaa… Then there you go @donyeo you have the place where you can ask and discuss about price. Sorry, I didn’t notice that.

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It’s only human nature to get excited when the price moves forward…I appreciate the original post for it’s honesty.

I also suspect that I’m not alone waiting to see if projects are implemented or move across from other chains.
If after a reasonable time there is little indication that Cardano is going to have serious adoption, then I’d be looking elsewhere.


Some interesting points of view and answers guys. I thank you all for your input.
As for horses, farmers, war and sons, well sorry, ‘shwoooooooosh’ as that one went straight over my head! WTF?! :joy:

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In my opinion, it would be better if the ADA is not affected by the movement of the bitcoin and other altcoin.