This price is not what cardano project deserves

1 year ago when I started to trading cardano I was sure about ADA pump but today when I see others awkward projects that have insane progress and I still watch cardano on this price, I feel I was too hopefull for this project and I should bring my money out as soon as possible. I really want to see cardano upper than 1$ swiftly when it is competing with XRP and BTC. Any idea?

I agree my good friend. I can sell some ADA at $1 each to you.

I will buy at 100$ each one :))

I’m not greedy but just want to alleviate your pain as much as I can :wink:

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Thank you man I appreciate it😂

May be way too pessimistic but I don’t see Cardano near $1 in future…

For this, at least one of 2 things has to happen , either crypto market surges like in 2017 and pulls Cardano up ( which I doubt will happen again) , OR Cardano comes with some new tech/business model (not remakes of ETH) never seen before…

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90% of the time, like any other altcoin, ADA’s price value is disconnected from its technical advancements, no matter how great and important they are. Sad reality. Most of the time, only King Bitcoin’s performance sets the pace for altcoins. That’s why ADA has tripled since january following Bitcoin’s recent run.
Another example can be found in november-december 2017 during the infamous bull run: ADA was barely 2 months old with very little achieved apart from the public blockchain and Daedalus, and it hits 1.33$, following Bitcoin’s all time highs.
Morale of the story: you need to wait a few years, not get emotionally attached and detach yourself from the current daily dance, the price fluctuations. There is an exciting end of year ahead.


Cardano builds its blockchain step by step and without hurry and hopefully no mistakes and bugs,by the way apple was also not the big tech like its today in one year .sure its take time but i am ok with it my friend yeah yeah eth has more stuff but also alott of crap tokens on its chain maybe 60% its shit, i look at 2025 thats my goal look ahead no short timeframe. Cardano team strong and very very bright.

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I’m not displeased with being #10 on coinmarketcap at this stage. I’d optimistically hope for a top 5 rank beginning of 2020. Overall price will depend on where Bitcoin goes as others have said. I’m overall bullish however. This is all wild speculation and intuition on my part.


I love price discussions because price reflect so many things.
If Cardano will deliver and i believe it will then the prices now are a great oppurtunitie.
I m a litle concerned of the third world business model because now the most money is in first world.

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They have made an announcement that Shelley goes testate in June and live by year end.

In addition the roadmap should be updated by August 1 (they say a few weeks).


3rd would countries have the greatest demand/need for a blockchain solution…without big banks gettering in the way, remember to the value Cardano brings to the table with smart contracts! Making it a perfect fit for the unbanked! this can help mitigate property and land disputes! hey, get this…Adoption is what drives price! Growth is organic for Cardano…be patient! this is what investing is all about. (if you get out you will kick yourself)

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You all just got fomo

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Yea would be nice if third world would jump direcktly to blockchain.


Ethiopia, now Mongolia . Spreading out.

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The last part of your comment may be the answer and question to be asked. Is Cardano competing. Is it reasonable to expect Cardano (ADA) to be competitive when the project is yet to be commercialized. It may be possible you entered a bit too early for your own style of investing or perhaps a misjudgement on your willingness to wait till the project was mature and operational. I have struggled with some of the same questions. The crypto space has not been as exciting as in 2017. We all know that. We are in a period of maturing where projects are de bugging their projects and businesses are adopting them.

I personally look at cardano as a build project yet to be released. I nevr compare it to existing platforms that have already been launched for over a year. That seems like asking a one legged man to run a competitive race with a world athlete. I would suggest to you that today Cardano is your one legged man. He’s not even in the race let alone competing. Give the project to the end of this year and I believe you will see Cardano will become the world class athlete and all the others become the one legged man. NO OTHER project has or is accomplishing technological standards as is Cardano. What they have an are incorporating into this blockchain is way beyond what other have and are doing.

One last point. I’ll address your price concern directly. 1. Cardano is not fully implemented on the main-net. 2. All the pending projects are not being reflected, 3. Many “ENTERPRISE” business’s will quickly come on board. This is already been suggested strongly.

If you go back to Charles last AMA, somewhere in the middle, I believe, he makes a comment about needing to get things done BECAUSE OF BUSINESS THEY HAVE. He is stopping his travel. Why? It’s intimated they have to get things done now and can’t keep adding to their waiting customers. (I have expressed this in my own words, not his). I will also posit, Charles is a mathematician. When he designed the number of tokens into his blockchain do you believe he had a clue as to the use, adoption and value based on statistical values that he very likely ran. OR do you believe he just wrote a number down and ignored it’s consequence. Charles understands the value of his blockchain and it’s token. If anyone doesn’t believe that then they honestly should consider investing in another token, (respectfully).

I like to use this imagery. Please take a moment to go back and Google the history of aviation. Check out some of the earliest aircraft people built. I loved the image of the multi winged plane. It had maybe 5 layers of wings. As they tried to take off the wings uplifted and collapsed down onto the plane. I envision other (many other not all) crypto designers having that experience. They have an idea, can’t or don’t test it out and send it to the market for use and it crashes down around them. Do you know how Boeing designs and builds it’s aircraft today. All in a computer where their entire experience is programmed into the build. Then and only then, they build ONE and send it off. On every maiden voyage they find errors that cause delays. Some times for years.

(Team) Charles Hoskinson is building the first 3rd tier crypto with the most thought out well designed parameters anyone has ever devised. They have taken YEARS of cryptographic experience re written entire code bases even creating new code to create this blockchain & token. Then they took multiple significant problems crypto’s have found to be roadblock’s and discovered pathways to solve those problems all while designing everything in modules with connectivity and inter-connectivity.

I’m going to confess. I’m as inpatient as anyone. Ask Charles. He has responded to some of my comments. Fortunately he’s been patient. I have looked at his process as a production engineer, not a programmer. I’d like any who read this to give very serious consideration to what it takes to accomplish as many new and different solutions as this company has introduced and or solved. Who knows if it will be profitable. I believe within 2 months, maybe 3 we will see some very good leaps forward with the development and release on testnet. The big year is 2020. On the testnet companies will be able to launch test, trial and de bug. With all the eyes that have been on Cardano you can bet once successful they will see a flood of business. At that point we will see if Cardano acts like ETH or ends up like XLM and XRP.

Remember to consider, Enterprise (big projects w millions of users). Keep in mind once proven Institutional investors will pile in because of the stake pools. Investors, large institutional investors, smart investors prefer earning from their investments. They do not let money lay around. Large institutional investors have learned how to make their money work for them. I’m betting, If staking were functional here now, you wouldn’t be nearly as concerned, would you.

Let the project mature, go through debugging and have it’s full impact. Then it can be judged against other working crypto’s.

For the record I buy ADA for my grand kids so I’m not nearly as price sensitive as many others. I’ll be buying another fistful for them next week, just like last week. I believe in this project’s (POTENTIAL). I do however get frustrated over what appear to be delays and frankly that s just human nature. This IS process not failure. The only time anyone fails is when they quit. I do not see Charles quitting and I don’t intend to stop buying. Not till it reaches $1.00 US. Then the kids will be set and I can peacefully know they have a very good chance of having their college paid for or their lives enhanced in some small way. That is my job as a grandparent.


Be glad this isn’t recorded on the blockchain. It would be an immutable contract LOL

They just makes u all got fomo

Dear Shahin,

Basically, Crypto world is very particular vs forex. Not the same "rules’.
2 possible ways to consider :

  1. Investor : if you really BELIEVE that Cardano is the futur. So what is the problem to buy ADA @ $03, $0.6, $1 if it will reach $10, $100 and more.
  2. Trader : ADA is, right now, swinging as a lot of cryptos. And, believe, me a lot of money to do.
  3. So, you can be both :
    Investor : Means your ADAs are stored and you don’t touch.
    Trader ; “you play” with the amount you have dedicated to Trading, a way to make money as I do understand that you would like to see your money growing.
    Wishing you all the very best.
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Just for the record and as a matter of a recent article I am unable to find >>> after tax, wash rule infractions and profits are calculated there is about a 22% better result from Buying and Holding. I traded various equity instruments for 35 years. I was taught (Day-Trading) it’s original form by the man why started day trading and has since passed away. RIP. Some people can develop a real talent and do very well as a trader. The vast majority do not. For most buying and holding is a better solution. I used to buy a large position of any asset I wanted to trade. The I bought another trading position in a separate account. This always gave me a means to back my position if i found myself on the wrong side of a trade. Only then did I make significant gains.

Just wanted to add this to the discussion. Be well.

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