Anyone else think we might hit .10 this month?

Another round of predictions?

Incidentally here is a sober but interesting article on possible Cardano pricing…

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Why not. Maybe 12 cents

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Omg it will dump first untill no one care about ADA and it will pump to $1

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Probably… But that’s not all going to happen within 1 month… So my guess is 7.77 cents.

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no it will not

Just needs btc to consolidate for a while! Alts run when btc consolidates, volatility up or down in btc isn’t good for alts.

Btc looks bullish at the moment! over all major ema’s on higher time frames and most importantly closed over the 21ema on monthly, which is typically a gauge that shows if a market is overall bullish or bearish.

Looks like it needs a deeper pullback now though! There is a good support cluster at 54-5600 ish so if we can consolidate there it might give alts a chance. All though for a while now alts have been bleeding into btc.

Nope we will see 0.05 first. Technically the chart looks bad and even with BTC going up a lot, ADA actually went down… Show results please!

This is due to USDT scandal. BTC accumulation will be the starting point for ALTS season.
It is not because you dont get a thing about market, that you have to spread your FUD.
Sell all your ADA now, buy EOS and TRX. Much more your style.

This is either hypocritical or the result dementia. Either way, it’s unwarranted.

In addition, Scarcity’s forum comments wrt Cardano’s ‘marketing’ management are absolutely correct. As the saying goes, you have to strike while the iron is hot. This persistent propaganda equating marketing with litigation risk exposure has unfortunately, been quite effective.

What are the chances Cardano “still has the looks” after a 10 year long débutante ball?

LOL! Cardano is the Michelle Pheiffer of crypto looks better the older it gets!

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Yeah, I hold 130K ADA so what is the use of FUDding?

It seems that everybody has become religious about holding their ADA. There is no room for critical thinking anymore, only hodl and believe.

Not only is that dangerous but also it is against what Charles himself would most likely advocate haha

Anyway, yes, I also have EOS, BTC and ETH should people wonder and I hope one of them takes off. If ADA follows, great, if not fine too.

Don’t get emotionally attached to investments is the best advice I ever got (especially to risky ones)

The major problem with judging this project is that for the most part people are unable to evaluate the quality of the code on the GitHub repo and becuase of delays start to wildly speculate about possible problems and issues. The proof is on Github.

hmmm, or the intelligence of Sharon Stone with a priceless reveal…

Cardano’s starving for attention, and staggering from its lost opportunities eg. the Not About Cardano Miami Summit, while Charles periodically displays a martyring complex wrt IOHK’s decades proven development methodology. Instead of allocating sufficient resources to quickly broadcast Cardano’s development advantages and enormous intrinsic value - which would not only benefit Cardano directly but also perform a badly needed public service wrt the hype in this space - IOHK apparently prefers to bet Cardano on the extinction of some of its rather sleazy albeit billion-dollar capitalized rivals. I think that’s arrogant, an unwise risk for Cardano, and one that points to a self-fulfilling prophesy we’ve heard repeated over the years.

Obviously, you have some very good reasons to stay in the game. I think most here have the same objective, but quite naturally drive from differing paths, and it’s these unique paths that are essential to Cardano.
Showing up is 3/4 home.

Yeah, either you judge this project by looking in GitHub, admire coding quality and “technology” in general, of you asses business model and real life implementation of given product.

Thats the problem with this forum, no assessment of the business model or looking at things from an investors perspective, aswell a trading section full of cardano to the moon predictions with no real technical understanding. Any negatives you bring up get shot down im flames.

I am hopeful that ada achieves what it sets out and will be holding a bag going into the end of this year/next, but realistically so far the project has delivered very little. Constant delays, poorly allocated resources, poor marketing and even technical issues with available products (daedalus providing plenty just from looking at the forum).

At this moment like it or not we’re rely on Charles and his IOHK to see the price prediction of Cardano. I’m not sure if ADA can hit 10 cents or 1 cents within this month or next month. I think I’m more concern about the development of Cardano Project. Which the closest one is Shelley. I see on twitter that IOHK will give new roadmap and testnet after the roadmap.
I will be very happy when we got confirmation about the Shelley progress, it’s already second Quarter of 2019. Well, we’re not alone in this Crypto space. Other project will eat Cardano alive if we not push the project harder.

No doubt there have been delays. The question is why and what are they doing to make implementation more efficient. Do you have any specific knowledge about any of the topics or is it more of a general displeasure?

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They already did in time and productivity with Dapp development.