Why such a low value?

Why is Cardano ADA valued so low? It is surely undervalued! Such an inspiring project should be valued at much higher rate. I hope Shelly is released asap, This project deserves a much higher rating! Bring out Shelly asap, let’s pave our own path and grow!

The entire market is down, not just Cardano. There is no reason at all to rush Shelley. It will rise eventually and due to its steady nature, will be around for the long haul. I believe that patience will be well rewarded. Best of luck to you.

Because no progress wich significant in this crypto space. Yoroi like metamask.pos never come out.to much coin in circulation. That’s why $0.09 this sucks coin value.

If Shelley was already out Ada would be 25-50 cents…buy what you can now…once staking starts these current prices will be a joke


Maybe I’m being a bit impatient at times. This is a fantastic time to buy buy buy buy buy! Really it’s my enthusiasm to see this great project to shine!

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Why so? Do you think because everyone is going to tie up their coins in a stake pool it will decrease liquidity hence increase demand and lower supply?

Time to put on your big boy pants…do some due diligence, understand the technology & you’ll understand.

Value my friend, in the eye of the valuer…are you making the mistake of using current price to use as a value gauge for Ada?? Not a good idea…it was 1.28$ almost 8 months ago in January…since then they have made more progress than MOST the crypto space Combined…uncluding EOS…I started buying Litecoin at 4.07 cuz when I found out how close code base was to Bitcoin..Atomic swaps? Lightning network? Other than that,Cardano, IOHK and Emurgo publish papers bi-weekly at least....Google chrome ext. Icarus lightweight wallet now...plus 300% block sync increase and 90% less memory usage for Daedalus. Shelley in 3 months or less. 1 Ada after staking?

I am looking forward to a bullish ADA, but I have a feeling it will not happen anytime soon.

Price SHOULD be 1$ after Shelley release but if we were in a Bull market…2$, keep buying under 10 cents…it hit 8.9 today…WOW! Be thankful its this cheap…ALOT of people lost ALOT of $$…I sold and bought back but sold at only 34-38cents this last run but bought back starting at 20 cents…Im over 50% down on that…this project will be on top in the future…watch, I’m loading up at 8-9 cents, no question…we could hit 5 pennies before $1 but we wont stay low for long

I’m with you but be prepared for a longer downturn. If these BTC ETFs don’t go through it may be tough sledding for a while. I’m a born HODLER though so my horizon is measured in years. If it stays low for a while just more time to accumulate.

At this time of day ADA normally spikes, which today it did not so I expect that value will eventually go down further. I’ll wait for the European market to open as I anticipate it will fall further.