Why is ADA so cheap?

I don’t understand with all the enormous positive feedback about Cardano and it’s future,why it is only 0.068 AUD at the minute.Is it because there are a large amount of coins, is it oversold,is it a bargain right now,is it a fair price?Could you explain this to me and where you see the price going in 2019?

Crypto is a brand new asset class, full of “dumb money”. Most retail investors don’t do much researching and are prone to poor investing methods.

The big boys (Wall Street) will valuate ADA much higher than the rest of the shit coins out there.


Thanks for your insight Roy.

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We follow btc. That simple. If btc drops back to 3K, we’ll see our lowest 2018 values again.

In my humble opinion, the low price of ADA is due to the fact that Cardano is not production ready yet. This means:

  • Cardano network is not publicly decentralized for proof of stake participant

  • Cardano network currently does not have any production DAPP to substantiate the network claims

  • Slow deliverable of roadmap implementation.

  • Extremely poor performance by the previous Cardano Foundation in educating traders, investors, and the larger public as well as setting reasonable expectations about Cardano.

Nevertheless, I’m still holding. At the current price, I wish I had more money to buy ADA. Hope it help you understand.


Yes,thankyou very much for this information

Much of the price of tokens seen today overhang the 2017 bull run. They have settled to their natural support levels. Markets operate in cycles of time and surprisingly >emotion<.

To get away from the common failings we to often experience, we have to change our methods of evaluation. In my own experience as an investor for over 30 years the think I most favor in my evaluations is to follow what I call elephant tracks. Learn how to use the tools provided to look at the volume or size of holdings and purchases. When we see the elephants taking steps to either accumulate or sell, it’s a good idea to follow them. Follow the elephant tracks. Elephants are equivalent to WHALES in crypto parlance. Follow them. People cater to those with money and tell them things we little folk never get to hear. SO when the elephants start to move watch for herd involvement. When scared of loosing money they tend to make large moves often at a similar time.

Charing and statistics are a reasonable tool so long as you understand the usually point out ab either or situation once they reach critical mass. If several charts using different forms of analysis demonstrate a clear direction you still have a 50/50 chance of being on the wrong side of a trade. HOWEVER once the herd of elephants starts to move you know the market will follow them.