So why can’t ADA break through?

Curious thoughts why ADA just is unable to break past $1.20 + threshold? So much potential is in this project and the Cardano community is large, supportive global mass but it putters along….?

every alt is down because of drop giant btc from 68000$ to now 47000$,eth holds firm around 4000$,cardano wil come up just the time frame i dont know just buy more ada cheap and hodl&stake it longterm thats the way to go

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Yes but……MATIC isn’t.

Obviously Bitcoin drags us around. As far as generating our own internal market forces which drive up price it will be the Defi Dapps that will be launching over the next 60 to 90 days. I would think we will see some action in Jan or Feb. Cardano takes it’s time though. Patience is a must because if the past is any guide when price goes up it goes up fast.

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But if that were only due to the drop of BTC affecting all crypto currencies, then ADA would not be down so much compared to BTC itself, would it?

Short-term trading, of course, has no significance if you believe in a long-term vision for the ecosystem.

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The rule of thumb is when Bitcoin is below the 20 week EMA Altcoins bleed more against bitcoin. When Bitcoin is above the 20 week Alts rally.


Patience young Padawan. All good things come to those who wait.

In all seriousness ADA is in a consolidation phase. A lot of short term investors took profits after Alonzo go live, and we need the dApps to start rolling out before the next run starts in earnest.

It’s in a good place right now.

  • Transactions volumes are up significantly and sustainably, there is plenty of capacity that can be dialled in as needed via parameter changes.
  • CNFTs are now a big market and growing fast. It is arguably the best NFT experience bar none.
  • The first DEXs are live and trading native tokens, with many of the big players on testnet with a very slick experience (SundaeSwap)
  • ERC20 convertor in testing which will drive liquidity onto the ecosystem.
  • Major partners like World Mobile making significant progress developing their businesses.
  • And decentralisation has worked, Cardano has a vibrant community and stake pool ecosystem, which runs in an environmentally sound yet secure manner. It has proved it can solve the blockchain trilemma (security, decentralisation, speed) on L1.

This sector is going to be one of the biggest growth areas of the 21st century. We have never had programmable money before in the history of humankind and we’ve had money (or tokens) for a lot longer than most of us realise.

P.S. And yes there are still a few rough edges, but they are being worked on by IOG and partners, and a rapidly growing, knowledgeable community


At the momentADA neither follows or does something on its own… players are not in and not interested at the moment.

I’ve been holding ADA for about a year now. I bought them at different price levels from $1 - $2.89. I didn’t even sell one ADA when the price peaked at $3. A few months ago, when the price of ADA slipped to below $1.20, it has never recovered above $2. Bitcoins recovered to $50.5K today, but ADA is still underperforming. Matic, Mana, and other coins seem to perform a lot better. What seems to be the underlying reason?

With all the talk of smart contracts, Dapps, and the Alonzo upgrade did not seem to propel ADA’s value, but it seemed to have done the opposite. The price of ADA seems to lag while other competing coins keep going up.

Crypto is a fickle market. There are always coins that are pumping that are not ones you hold. In my opinion find the projects with the best team, tech, roadmap, and community. Participate as much as possible to keep your finger on the pulse, make friends, take advantage of opportunities, have fun learning new things, and help as many people as you can along the way. I think this is the way to build true wealth. Instead of worrying about the day to day prices start identifying and trying to participate in the new projects that are now building on Cardano. This is important time make use of it. Here is a good place to start with research:
With ISOs (Initial stake pool offerings) Ada has turned into a launch pad token. Some projects with Initial stake pool offerings that I think are interesting are Ray, Sundaeswap, and Genius Yield, but there are many more. Of course you need to remember that Crypto is among the most risky of asset classes so please don’t invest more than you can afford to loose. Happy to answer any questions.


I think all this around ADA value is a problem regarding the ground breaking ecosystem of Cardano that should be so good…Why doesn’t ADA resemble that quality?

One of the hardest things for most people to do in crypto is properly evaluate a project as it requires a great deal of expertise and research. As a result many base their investment decisions on recent price action or word of mouth. Once you find a project that meets your investment criteria in terms of technology, use cases, team, community, etc. patience is key.

Yes those are the basics… but recent activities and actions worry even seasoned investor. Lets say lack of action regarding all the hipe around Cardano and the low value.

Even Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be very well educated about Crypto but still having a huge effect on the market with his tweets:

Doge coin: (1:0:0h)

(feel free to rewind to listen to the whole topic)

If sticking to the basics were easy we would all be very wealthy.

agree… gut feelings is the key. :slightly_smiling_face:

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one thing is cardano is just started to become mature day by day its takes time building the chain out, R&D takes time take a look @ apple in the 1980 or so it was trading around 20/25 $$ took years to what its now similar as many big blue stocks google amazon microsoft netflix tesla starbuck etc etc… just be patience is the key to wealth warren buffet’s fund berkshire hathaway many years ago just 100$ or so now at a huge price of 467.500k$$ per one stock$$:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Elon Trump to me. Sold all my Tesla stock. He’s dead to me

Jaba the Hutt is buying the dip with bounty money.