Cardano price prediction for 2020

A lot of you are out there who have better knowledge regarding this subject. Feel free to post a comment.

Q. Will Cardano hit $1 in 2020 ? :grin:
what are the chances ?

Also I have made a discord group for Cardano fans, feel free to join. Cheers

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what is the point of such price predictions?

To keep people motivated :muscle:

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Personally, I stay away from crypto assets price prediction simply because there are too many moving parts (legal and illegal). For starter, ADA price is very much tightly coupled to BTC. So predicting ADA price also involves predicting BTC along with a whole lot more.

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I agree with your opinion. A friend of mine said that BTC price will not come down but only climb up and if that’s the case then Cardano price will go up too I guess. I don’t know as I could be mistaken.:neutral_face:

for motivation i just read up on ouroboros, watch some youtube videos/presentations, read about ethereum 2.0 and alogrands solutions (wrap quotes around solutions for eth) and realise they are inferior

it really is amazing what is being done here… and the price action makes it feel like i am the only one in the world to realise the potential

ironically, i actually start to dread about price increases because i know i’ll lack the mental strength to accumulate more at higher prices - too much of a cheap bastard

give me shelley and gogeun, with those two phases shipped then by mid 2020 and i think over performance by ADA in the market is likely… unfortunately, the vaporware FUD wont be able to weigh us down any longer… but to reach the heights of $1 i think we are going to need the crypto market to move as a whole

i also think BTC dominance has peaked already and we are going to see good alts out perform as we get confirmation that the bear is behind us, which imo appears to be the case

that being said i’ll be just as happy if we under perform in this market, lets not ignore the work the devs have to do, it’s no easy task to convert this ground breaking science into a living breathing and robust protocol, it’s going to take time and an incredible amount of talent, just as well Charles has assembled such an amazing team… hopefully we progress slowly and thank god for the chico cryptos of the world, their bitterness (or incompetence) i can only appreciate as a net positive - for purely selfish reasons


@franco “and the price action makes it feel like i am the only one in the world to realise the potential”…lol. Believe me, you are not the only one. I just don’t have enough to buy more right now. But you are right that not a whole lot of people are aware of Cardano and its team potential.


I hope we break the $1 in 2020, but it’s more clear to me that we are going to see Cardano hitting huge prices in the long term, with time, more and more people will be aware of the potential of the project, so I can’t expect cheap prices like we see now last longer.

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