Hey guys, i am Nils from Germany and a big ADA Fan. I don’t have that much ada but i would like to hold LONg term and see how the Project will evolve. I certainly know that price discussion are always difficult in crypto. But i would be interested in your price predictions for the next 2- 4 years ?



it is exactly 10$$$$


Ok, sounds like a good number.

In my opinion, considering that in 4 years we would eventually have most of cardano features live, make think that 10$ is very low prediction
As in 4 years Cardano should have 99% of the actual roadmap done!

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That is correct, yet it doesn’t guarantee any price or the other.

There is no logical way to predict how a crypto currency would behave

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This is beyond words, it can only be communicated using images:



IMHO you can expect 2 - 3$ in 2020

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This question is next to impossible to answer. It could go to 5, 10, 100, or even 0.005, 0.00010.
The point is, there is no way to predict price or market sentiment towards this or any project.
For now, all we can do is speculate and dream.
While some people are excited about the increase in adoption of distributed ledger tech, others are excited about the prices and making money. The thing is that they are both very closely related.
Even though we are still in the very early stages of this technology and the general public is still mostly unaware of it and what it can really do, there were more obscure times than these. Back in 2014 & 2015, many new cryptos were coming into the market. There had been a fast boom to the moon for Bitcoin in 2013 but that quickly came tumbling down creating fear and uncertainty for this new space that very few who actually knew about it even fully understood.
During that time, ETH was born. Can you imagine telling someone in 2015 that ETH would someday be worth $1400? They would probably laugh in your face. BTC had barely made it to $1000 until then, and that seemed, in 2015, like it would be impossible for it to reach again. Much less a coin like ETH, with 100M supply.
Then came 2017, all the ICOs began rolling in, raising money and marketing. ERC20 was the talk of the crypto space and ETH price skyrocketed quickly, going from under $10 in early 2017 to peaking at $1431. All because of adoption.

That should give you some perspective.
Cardano stands at a very interesting time in this space in terms of price, adoption and development. Out of the 2000+ cryptocurrency projects that came out of that 2017 ICO explosion, only a handful really have a use case that truly requires a blockchain, out of those, only a handful are going to make it as a business, out of those, only a handful will withstand adoption and competition among its niche. There will be many scam coins discovered as time goes by. Eventually many crypto organizations could possibly absorb each other similar to the way companies buy each other out.

Cardano in many ways is in a great position right now. While other projects are struggling to handle transaction demands and scalability issues, It aims to be the platform of all platforms.
Now that crypto has extended its horizons a little further with the introduction of mainstream media attention, cryptocurrency is on the verge of an adoptive explosion. Just as Cardano is approaching its release of IELE, allowing the hosting of new and transferred projects from other platforms, it is setting itself up for massive adoption in exponential numbers.
If anything good came out of the the ICO boom of 2017, it is that people are seeing both how lucrative and useful cryptocurrency is. You can definitely expect massive amounts of new projects coming in the near future as a result of the boom last year. Cardano is setting itself up with top research and development of a network that can handle the vast amounts of traffic expected to come into this space.
While development and adoption of the space is steadily growing, the proper highways for institutional money are also being built both on the technical and regulatory side in order to allow a plethora of massive investors to enter the space. There is expected to be an incredible, never before seen transfer of wealth in the coming years, all a result of this technology and its investment potential.
Not only that but Cardano stands with an incredible team, showing transparency by clearly and periodically giving its investors and community updates on its constant work. They have a very well spoken and community involved CEO, Charles Hoskinson. These and many other things add to the positive future of ADA.

The TL;DR: Nobody really knows if ADA will reach $10 or $1000 but it is looking pretty good for Cardano in a couple of years.

PS: Your account here is pretty new so i’m going to assume that you’re just entering the space or at least Cardano. Check this out if you haven’t yet, lots of really good, simple info from these two sources: - lots of great info about Cardano from the Cardano site - personal favorite, this is a fellow forum user that thoroughly researches and explains various aspects of Cardano simple terms, semi-bias and heavily educated in the subject.

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Thank you for that in depth reply GTAPS , really enjoyed reading it. And i agree with your opinion, price is impossible to predict, but its fun :wink: i hope cardano will reach all goals and the crypto space will move towards adoption, rest will come then.

And many thanks for the links, and yes i am relatively new too crypto .But i hope to learn and grow.

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Cool, sorry for the long read, had a little extra time at work and there is LOTS to talk about lol.


Hi everyone. I believe that Cardano will stay and grow. With growing value the price will also grow. I just think that most people don’t look longterm enough. If we stick with Cardano for 10 years then I’m sure we will all be fine.
Just some thought experiment: Let’s let aside all FUD and FOMO, bubbles and bursts. Let’s just assume that the price of Cardano doubles every year. So from 7Ct today it would grow to 14Ct in October 2019. Doesn’t sound very spectacular, right? But after doubling for 10 years we end up with 70$ per ADA. Wow!
Now let’s assume, the price in 10 years can be 1/100 to 100 times this price then we will have a price range from 70Ct to 7000$ per ADA.
Let’s assume it will be 70Ct in ten years. Is this still a good investment? 70Ct doesn’t sound really great but it’s 10 times the acual price which means a yearly return of 26%. Explain this to someone who puts his money to the bank for 0.1% p.a.
I’m quite sure we can reach 70Ct in ten years so for me Cardano is a great project, both in ethical and economical categories. And if there is one or two years with falling prices in between, who cares. Time to buy… :grinning:

It all depends on use case. Cardano has an interesting profile that allows it to offer multiple different use cases, each of which contributes to overall value. For example, Cardano can be used for:

  1. Transactions
  2. Utility to power Dapps
  3. Reserve currency purposes, if successful with its interoperability objectives
  4. Providing digital identities to people in developing countries
  5. As a currency for developing countries faced with hyperinflation
  6. Governance
  7. Things we can’t even think of as of yet

So ultimately the price - or better say value - of Cardano, relies on its effective application of the many use cases it can potentially accommodate. This is one of the reasons why the project is so appealing.


Asset Tokenization is a huge market. Think of it as Stock Market 2.0 that never closes.

Additional use cases include:

  • Authentic and Immutable Credentials (education, certifications, papers published, etc.)
  • Reputation System (Much more than just Credit History)
  • Real Property rights management (much more than who owns what)
  • Insurance and warranty
  • Intellectual Property Rights Market - imagine copies of books, songs, and videos as trackable individual units
  • decentralized consensus based world map
  • product quality and origin tracking

Cardano being a secure public blockchain platform opens up to an infinite variety of use cases.



I love this community, cardano family rocks :heart::ok_hand:t2: