Cardano vs Ethereum 2020-21

With Ethereum getting ready to switch to POS, how will Cardano compete? Will their gas prices be really high still or will it be cheaper and better to use Cardano? I wish we could get our stuff done before they do and blow them out of the water, but it looks like they’ll be ready first. Just wondering how you all think we will do as far as the price of ADA. I know we’ll have a better system. Wondering if that will ever show up in the price.

We have a better system. The way it is built says enough. Everything is based on scientific peer review development. Institutional investers know this. I’m convident that within one year from now, the Cardano blockchain is full of activity with DeFi, lots of currencies and more.

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I’m confident 2021 will be a great year for ADA. Question is, will price reflect usefulness especially vs Eth. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could come up with a voting system for the US so we don’t have to go thru this November crap every 4 years??