Putting things into perspective

My post is actually a compliment to Cardano Foundation/IOHK and Emurgo and all working within the ADA community.

I found this discussion quite interesting, especially around the 59min 50secs, where Andreas discusses Eth 2.0 (you really need to listen to what he says around Eth testing and the proving they have ahead of them) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYOvvOyStvg

Andreas is well known in the Crypto community (seems like a really nice guy, very technical)
From what i’ve seen in the past, he’s very BTC bias, although more recently seems to be commenting on Ethereum a bit more.

The comment Andreas makes, is that the technical skills and the work needed to make Ether a POS system are immense and he doesn’t believe that Ether will have this sorted for 1 to 2 years.

I appreciate that ADA is a design from new POS, rather than trying to retro-fit a POW, but that is the point. Yes we have had to wait to do all the Peer review and fully test and there have been delays. The decision to create the system we have is such a great testimony to Charles and his team.

The development of the various aspects of ADA are all ahead of us, we need to attract and be interoperable with all and by doing so we will move the crypto industry forward

And now it’s our time :star_struck:

ps for the record i am not ‘anti’ Ether, i just like Cardano more


I’m a Cardano fan, but still prefer the ETH account model over BTC and ADA UTXO.

Hi Adam, interesting response, so one of the things that frustrated me a little with Eth to start with was the whole gas thing, the fact i had to have Eth and now gwei (appreciate that not everyone would struggle with this but i did initially) so for me it’s the simplicity of coins that are just the coin, usable as they are (all i have to work out is the fraction of the coin or number of zeros. Appreciate this isn’t everyones rationale but that’s the great thing we all get to choose.
On a related point what’s your view on the 32 Eth staking and/or what’s your view on POW

I haven’t been following ETH 2.0.

32 ETH seems like a high hurdle to stake. I’d like to know if there was a technical reason for this.

Hopefully, PoS moves us to more true decentralization.

Is PoW like, “Everday low prices at Wal-Mart.” PoW like low prices is a race to the the cheapest infrastructure which results in consolidation. Think about how Wal-Mart and Amazon control retail in America.

However, many could argue that we are moving toward an experience economy which means Amazon and Wal-Mart will have to change how they can compete. I wonder, out loud, if PoS like like an experience economy? More people can participate in the decentralized infrastructure. When staking Ada, my goal is to earn staking rewards and vote for good infrastructure. However, the pool operators fee + experience is how I decide to stake my :ada:.

We need de-centralisation across all society, big companies (trying to) control everything, i always try to shop local and support the ‘little guy’ and like what Cardano are trying to do.
The governance will hopefully assist us create this within Cardano, and whilst i appreciate there will be some Whales etc. anyone with some effort can learn the skills to support the network by either staking or running a node even in a small way.
By comparison BTC for example is ‘controlled’ as its an arms race to mine and the little guy doesn’t get a look in.

Onwards and upwards to ADA

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I agree @MachTwo!! I too have been trying to shop outside my normal channels.

For those of you following this thread, your reasons may be many

It may be your just interested in ADA’s price, or your following Cardano’s development/roadmap/Goguen roll out etc .

I think it’s fair to say, the future success of Cardano will be partly down to it’s interoperability and Cardano’s ability to be readily used and adopted with smart contracts (post Goguen).

Other projects are out there and the big daddy is BTC, It may not be in the future (dominance has reduced previously and may do again) BTC’s function though is very different to the market that is being met by ETH.

ETH’s market probably provides the biggest opportunity for Cardano, so this is just a quick update as to where our lunch could come from !!

The future for ETH is dependent on the upgrade to ETH2, the video link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCzNaD29s8s is worth a quick 5 mins of your time to appreciate how good Cardano (it’s current infrastructure is/and is going to be) with all the roadmap fulfilled.

Just go to 1hr 6min and 30 secs and the ETH roadmap is laid out for you :+1:

Compare and contrast, from what i have seen from Cardano, we will have the tools and the technology/functionality, what we need from here is the ‘Roadmap’ (Thank you and my appreciation to all contributors to the ‘Roadmap’ Building a Public Roadmap: Draft) to assist with adoption of Cardano/ADA for a great future in a more fair world.(Voltaire) :clap: