ETC Vs Cardano direction

So after watching the interview with Charles about ETC (Posted below), what exactly are the differences now between the direction of Cardano and ETC. It would seem both are going very similar in direction.

I hope some day they will merge :smile:

One of the major differences that jumped out to me at least was that it seemed Classic was remaining with a Proof of Work model, as opposed to Ethereum’s move to Proof of Stake. Cardano also uses Proof of Stake. I’m assuming that Ethereum Classic would need to move to Proof of Stake to make a merge happen like Ghost hopes.

I was under the impression ADA wanted to distance itself from anything ETH based?
ADA doesnt seem to need anyone else with any baggage

Merging will have to come from the community, if enough people want it to happen and we vote on it when cardano’s governance system comes out, it might be possible as some kind of side chain.

On IOHK’s side, its probably possible to merge the dev teams, but I guess they’re writing a different brand of code now so even that seems challenging.

I would say ETC could not benefit Cardano however if it can use a sidechain of the unfortunately branded ByteM̶̸Y̶̸Ball a proven bullet proof DAG architecture with also bug free wallet unlike bug ridden hypers like IOTA that coin their messy version of DAG “the tangle” which often is Tangled.

I am bullish on ETC, especially after I heard IOHK was behind it.
I would like it to rebrand itself by dropping the “Ethereum” in its name, similar to what Verge has done with Doge.

Maybe ETC will become the meta decentralised exchange or ADA gold or maybe it’s more like an Ethereum hostage, a blurring of the etherium brand or a philosophical gesture to remind us that ‘code is law’ or it just happens that the team is holding so much of this coin, it would be silly not to.

I don’t know but I’m certain someone has a rather cunning plan.

Any chance of an answer from ‘Ethereum Charles’ ?

That’s the wrong way around, ETH is based on ETC! :grin: