Ethereum Classic and Cardano


A few times has Charles Hoskinson mentioned that he treats ETC as store of value. I have a few questions regarding this to the audience:

  1. BTC is struggling a bit, Lightning Network may not deliver on promises (I can post article here) and transaction fees are very high
  2. ETC maybe cheaper to transact?
  3. Cardano may become a very popular platform dapps platform in the future and it seems that Charles is willing to promote ETC.
  4. Is ETC inflationary? How much total supply does it still have?

Here are my questions:

  1. Is this possible that ETC becomes new store of value?
  2. Do transaction fees in ETC depend on value of ETC?
  3. What is total tx/s that ETC can deliver? (we don’t need much as a store of value but still)



IMO ETC has seen a steady decline of the past few months. There has been a lot of attention on newer gen 3 crytpos, ETC is not one of these. It might receive a spike in value because it been laid dormant for so long but I doubt this. From a new investors point of view it looks dated, out of use,etc… my feeling is that ETC will at some point merge with ADA or act as a test bed for it. Although this action may devalue ADA.


No momunentum yet, something tangible needs to happen first I think.