Etherium Classic, is there a cunning plan...?

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I noticed that Daedalus will work with ETC, so perhaps you are onto something…

Well, there is always the good old “make them an offer they can’t refuse” … people in the rest of the crypto space are still paying to use money … Imagine .the opposite!

This is something ive wondered as well. I really have no basis for it, but maybe they plan to use ETC as a proof of concept of sorts on how to integrate other subsystems under the Cardano ecosystem? Wild shot im sure, but who knows?!

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From wiki …

December 11, 2017[33] Monetary policy change Change unlimited token emission to a fixed-cap monetary policy similar to bitcoin with a hard cap of around 210 Million.[34]

It would be handy to have one coin that aims to be consistent, trustable, reliable inflationary form of currency and one that’s pure speculation craziness.

Thats from the ETC wiki?

Yeah, if I’m not mistaken

Wow that would be a pretty radical departure from ETH. Still, I dont really get the use for ETC when Cardano is here, but I guess the devs do have some kinda of masterplan. Maybe they will use ETC as a “litecoin” to ADA? You know, testing new stuff etc.

It could become the most wanted ether no? If it earns interest and is finite when the other one doesn’t and isn’t and becomes interchangeable with ada right from the beginning (if Daedalus becomes the coinbase of the future).

Yes, maybe its time to load up on some of it =D Hmmm, reseach to be done!

Thats what I’m thinking

You are correct, ETC does have limited supply.

Really interesting, thanks for sharing this, I didn’t know that about ETC and have been wondering what they are doing.

Will be interesting to see the collaborative partnerships that form over the next year between different entities, and how they can potentially impact the future of the entire ecosystem moving forward.

I have been thinking the same thing…had the opportunity to get me some ETC while it is under 20.00…just holding in the hardware wallet, and let’s see how it plays out with Cardano…

From what Choskins had said the plan for ETC is to take “Proof of Work” as far as it can go. The information gained from teasing out the development of “proof of work” can be folded back into Cardano’s goal of “interoperability”.

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… and now coinbase