Cardano Announcements

Could Cardano make another big announcement to surf the wave of the bitcoin halving?Could strengthen ADA.

You’ve come to a wrong project, my friend.

Wot they say? 31,000 registered holders a massive wall of sellers waiting to unload ADA between 5-6 cents?

Wrong project,for making money is it?

For asking to pump the price.

Everybody wants to slip a big fat wad of green in the back pocket and ride offa into the sunset bro.

Wrong place eh? Look at our latest discussion

The price will go up, that is inevitable. More are starting to have faith and confidence again. Most will keep their ada instead of selling the first chance they get. Why? Because all are realizing this here is something special, unseen in the crypto world and they want to be a part of it and they know it will rise more.

The ITN is a way for long term but you need a lot of money to really get a long-term reward. The only way to benefit is to hold. There should be a way to couple the ada so the profit stays in the system and keeps the security at max and also profits for everybody so it is somehow spendable

That is a great point about strength by keeping the profit in the system.The strength comes from faith.Like u say,l am getting more faith,because more is coming to light about potential use cases of Cardano blockchain.The potential use is incredible.Bloody marketing and adoption, that is a way bigger challenge than the actual mechanics of Cardano.

Maybe keeping the ada in the system or in the Daedelus wallet specifically, there you would be able to gain interest at different rates/price of ada at the time and that is how somebody/everybody can be the monetary incentive.

The more ada you own, the more you earn. Thus, you’ll never have to take the ada out of the system and be compensated for retaining, all the while making the security of everything flawless. There could even be things like compounded interest rewarded after a certain time or longevity of not removing the ada. The interest could then be put in a different wallet, one that is connected through only an input/output parameter, yet still tied into the Daedalus wallet. The 2nd wallet should be devoted to a few things but mainly the Ada credit card or spendable currency line