How does holding ADA benefit the development of Cardano?


Does merely buying and holding ADA contribute to the success of this project? I imagine it does help, but I’m not too clear on exactly how.


In the sense that you are propping up the value of ADA, it makes more people want to invest in / use it.

Delegating your stake will help in the future and there are other things you could do.


I imagine the devs of Cardano hold a substantial amount of ADA themselves. So with ADA prices going up, they actually have less motivation to do something and more temptation to just sell everything and leave the project.

I wish Cardano were deflationary (somewhat) or would reward people who invest earlier more.


Yeah! My point is same with yours. What will we do?


Well I’m poor so it doesn’t really matter what I do lol

I think I will move to some coin that is deflationary and where my chances of my small investent getting big are existant (dream). Cardano will most likely stay around as one of the more stable coins.


I plan to hold for long term (6-12 months). I trust them.


Yes, I also trust them, but what’s the point in investing small amount in a coin that will only go up to 1-2 dollars at most (because of high amount of coins)?

(not gonna ask you how much you invest because that’s too personal i guess)


Actually 1-2 dollars / ADA is very very good for me. I believe ADA will be list on new exchanges in next months (Cardano Trading exchanges) and hope some small pump.


the crypto market is going to grow by many thousands of percent next year. last year was 2000+ percent growth and things are just starting to heat up. your assumpton about 1-2 dollars per ADA as a max is based on today’s market size. next year’s crypto market is going to make the market today look like nothing. just watch


@qwertyfulipolipohihi Doesn’t look like leaving the project is what happened with Ethereum… for instance look at Vitalik.

At worse the interests/power at stake grows and they start fighting with each other, but Cardano design is thought right to avoid such things if I understand well?


It helps with decentralization

Which helps in resiliences


For their level of skills they can find gigs elsewhere that pays easily $150+/yr

You just dont know academians do you? They go for citations


Poor = no internet so…


By holding and helping the price goes up.
Assertive participation in the community.


If you invest only $1-2 and when the market price’ll be for example up to $2-4, your profit will be only $1-2. I bought 40,000 coins for long term, because I believe in Cardano’s team.