Cardano Price

Realistically, can Cardano ever reach $4.75-5 and how many years do you think it might take?

It will take exactly 2 years, 3 months, 4 weeks, 5 days and 6 hours to happen.
Nobody knows.


Pre disclaimer: this is serious financial advice.

According to my models, that consider tons of parameters like my new plastic coated poker cards, chicken bones and a crystal ball, that was polished at the edge of the sand in the moon light, I would say this could be really true or false. Trust me.

Furthermore I predict markets will go further down, if they are going down at the moment - or further up if they are going up at the moment, also maybe sideways likely.

Post disclaimer: this was financial advice.


Very funny fukwit

I think 2 years, 3 months, 4 weeks, 6 days and 7 hours is more likely.


I think since bitcoin went from $1 in 2010 to a solid >$3000 in 2018 it achieved 3000x growth in 8 years.

If Cardano can experience the exact same growth as Bitcoin from 2 cents, it will be worth $60 per Ada in 8 years. I think $6 in 8 years is not unreasonable.


Also take into account that bitcoin was the first and everyone was talking about it. From people in the dark web to news channels just a couple of years ago. You guys are doing a great job spreading the word over at The Cardano Effect, and we all appreciate you.

We should all be working to find use of :ada:

I had an idea , where someone could use ada as a reward system sort of like Amex does with points. But I need to polish this idea. And maybe pitch it to someone at emurgo.


Right now the big thing holding Cardano back is accessibility. We need to be able to buy Ada on Coinbase and peer to peer on the Toshi Wallet or even something like AirSwap. Binance, Bittrix and Daedalus aren’t enough options for the average crypto investor.


I know of a person that is building meta exchange. Currently in its beta. ( It has coinbase intergration and some other neat things going on.

(My association with him is purely conversational and I am not employed by him so deeper details I have not)

Just so I learn something new. By chance do you know the details of how an exchange decides to list a coin? Specifically Cardano.

What if shapeshift/Changelly was able to convert into ADA on Trezor, or even Infinito?

Do you can think any of the sources (wallet and even Yen.IO) could help with entry to market?

Here is the link to the GitHub as well.

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i used to think not to long ago, a coinbase listing would make a huge difference, but i highly doubt that now, yes it will have an impact, but not as big as we all once thought. Price will go up, but just like a roller coaster, we will finish at the start.

I now strongly believe, USE-CASE is off utmost importance, not only for Cardano but any project. Once there is adoption,we can see this thing take off.

Obviously, once shelly, etc in q1 of 2019 or whenever is launched, we will definitely see some price increase but not what we would like. Till something out there adopts us and uses us for something,i am afraid to say, we will piggy back ride Bitcoins volatility.


Something I have been thinking about that does not get enough attention when looking into the future is IOHK as a growing entity. Charles has mentioned that IOHK does blockchain development work for a number of entities. I believe that in 2019 and beyond will see IOHK take on a number of high profile enterprise level development projects using Cardano tech as a backbone.


I agree that Coinbase won’t lift the price. I mean BAT went down when Coinbase listed them. But I trust Coinbase. I want all my crypto there for right now.


Good point.


I truly hope so.

Man, even though I in no way regret choosing my particular fields of study before joining the Army.
I do wish that I had picked up coding a year or three ago.

I recently viewed a video of Super Nario Bro’s written in Haskell on YouTube and it honestly made me wonder, with my love of videogames, why I never even thought of attempt to dabble with it.

I’m glad I came to my senses, lol.

2-3 years, 10-20 years, who knows???

Coinbase WILL abdolutely raises the price. I’m every model I have this occurs. A high 90 percentile certainty.

This is not financial advice. This post is for entertainment purposes only.

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$5.00 by end of 2020. Of course by then the US dollar might be down the toilet, so the frame of reference might be gold. If Cardano becomes an autonomous, self sufficient economy, then 1 ADA will be worth…? A gallon of gas maybe?

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Totally agree, even Shelley’s online might not change the price.

The money will only become smarter and smarter, it will only be invested in the projects with commercial adoption, not with fancy white paper.

You gotto have the user growth, daily ada usage, business activities all sorts of numbers to make investors bet their money on, and that way a valuation model can be built.

While permissioned and centralized chains are doing better at current stage, i wonder what’s the approach that Cardano gonna take.

The success of google play and apple App Store wasn’t because how many apps they have, it was because how many androids and iPhones people held.

Sorry, a little bit off the topic.

But pricewise, it will just keep going down and probably will break the ICO price in 2019. But when next bull coming, $3-$4 should be no problem at all, but a big assumption is that Cardano has to remain its leading position in terms of technology within public chains.


U mean pump & dump :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You are right,this is it,2019 must be major progress. The market is not going to put up with more delays,more talking,more papers,they want to see customers coming on board.Shit,l hope it doesn’t go south.