Morningstar strategist

According to their strategist Cardano will shoot up to the top 3 ASA Goguen is fully deployed.

I’m very bad at math so, correct me if I’m wrong; With ~2.6$ per ADA we get there, right?


I just watched till 1.30, I guess I won’t find an answer; if that’s not the case do me the favor of pointing the time frame, if it is thank you for nothing.


EDIT: In case you missunderstood me I’ll let you know that I don’t need to watch Hoskinson not saying what he can’t say, which is the price of ADA. Again, thank you for nothing.

Hoskinson says he doesn’t care about the price at all, and he doesnt know anything about how the markets work. Hes building something for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years down the line, hes clearly being backed by big agendas who operate in those timescales, their fingerprints are all over the symbology surrounding Cardano. Ada will never be a big number per coin, ever, there is too much supply. The question of how to make big money from the Ada project being successful is not clear, buying Ada is not the way I don’t think, maybe it could 10x over 20 years but that will be offset by inflation. Cardano is likely to host government issued stablecoins, maybe if its possible to buy stock in the company is a better bet than buying ada coin.

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Both of you started a steep descent into something I do not understand.

Anyway, since neither of you couldn’t answer such a simple question as to confirm some algebra calculations, I’ll move on from that topic and tell you this; I do not care about price either, nor care I about the markets whatsoever.

Agree, theres deep agendas no doubt, one could discuss the point of what that implies; I won’t do so here, or anywhere as matter of fact; I couldn’t care less. ATM at least.

Big money you make with effort and hard work, and once you attain the “big money” you couldn’t care less of how much it is; since it’s FIAT.


P.S. @new_approach if you wish to continue the discussion send PM. I won’t reply to more off-topic.

I apologize if we were not very direct responding to your question. The Cardano community is known for not concerning too much about price, one reason is the one(s) listed by Charles on the video, another one is to avoid engaging in price speculation that attracts quick-buck free-money seekers, which many of us believe gives crypto/blockchain technology projects a terrible image.

I believe that your question is regarding diluted share/token price, which I am not very expert on. I think this might help you find your answer: What Does the Diluted Share Price Reveal?