ADA Coin prediction 2019

TLDR; Don’t bother reading.

One can only hope they are right:grin:

ADA Coin Price Prediction Reddit :

Making stories short Cardano ADA will go $5 plus in the end of year 2019 and as many experts on reddit even predicted more than $5.the co-founder of ,Fred Schebesta shared in their reddit post about $3.75 with minimum analysis and its a confirmed predictions that cardano will hit the price of $35 in year 2020.the circulating supply of ADA Cardano is 1.7 times more than bitcoin. having all the analysis ADA will the future coin so invest your extras in this amazing project.

Sweet words to my ear but I highly doubt that it can go so high in such a short time. I will be happy if ADA climbs up to 0.1$ at the end of 2019, although I am wishing for 1$ as well.

Everybody’s happiness depends in their entry points.I don’t know many people who got in early,but l know a lot of people who really are hoping for $1 to recoup/ or make a small gain after a year of loss at least on paper

$5 end of the year!? That sounds more like a dream. Would be amazing if that kind of prize increase were to occur.

hey all guy, we are long term investor, so don’t talking about price at near feature. I think we should prefer concentrate how to improve technology and community, right?

I know you are right,the price will take care of itself.But,it is difficult not to

Too much technical bullshit talk.ADA rose 21% the last couple of weeks like the rest of the market but now is performing appallingly. Shit l hope it doesn’t prove to be a dud when you got Forbes etc talking it up.

You may want to stop looking for awhile.

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Good idea,this shitcoin could actually drop back down to wot l paid for it lol 0.06

It needs to correct…Just wait and buy more at $0.06 :grin:

I purchased when it was 0.75 but still hope for the best

@inam1990, and you didn’t buy extra when it was $0,04??

ada is all time my favorite i just have only ADA in wallet