Price expectations

Source? Specifications?


Hello, thank you once again for your feedback, you seem to be very accurate.

What do u mean by width ? Market Cap difference from big players ?(Eth / BTC?)

By saying allows repurchase you mean that it is a good entry point?

Thank you for your time


I want to tell you

Unfortunately, the Asian market is still an obstacle to the upside
I have a lot of frustration for people in Asia


Chinese New Year which started last week is the primary reason for the Asian market selling down…Traditionally, they sell shares, crypto to fund their holiday and gifts. Imagine, 1.2Billion going on a selling spree of financial assets…this will pass by end of February.


I see the price of ADA heading towards $ 0.88
Prices now $1.33

Replys like the above should be considered FUD by neophytes.

Vague words, based on nothing, in a time where the community is growing is pathetic, to say the least.