Hi Cardanians,

I got caught up in the verification hell and could not buy ADA at 0.05, neither at 0.12 nor could I buy it at 0.20 price point. I was doing some technical analysis and the Pump and Dump scenario is not so clear. I want Cardano to be as successful as possible, but I also would like to buy some of it with a good entry price. Of course, 0.28 might be it, but not for a very small investor like me. By my own technical analysis we, chances are, are not likely to see the dump for the earlier levels of 0.10 neither a significant dump after January. What are your thoughts on this? And what are your expectations in case you are holding a big portion of ADA?

Thank you again

well if you look more in detail you will see pump and dump will happen with companies that are here to just make quick money and go. this team is much bigger and smarter to do these. something this big have much much higher potential and value, they could have done this while it reached 0.12$ about 2 weeks ago. so clearly they are here to stay and take over that is why it took them 2 years of reaserch. yes there might be a cool off during jan 2018 but if it happen it will be for all crypto not only ada. as matter of fact cardano has news update coming in jan 2018, so they will be able to hold grounds.
i think the crypto market will go up more exponentially than going down more ppl getting informed and jumping on the train. cheerz


Thank for your answer. I support ADA, the technology and the programming language they use. I have looked at Cardano in detail. I read the academic papers, that have been published through the years, from members of the team. I also follow Philip Wadler’s research etc etc etc. I was talking about the market in purely technical terms. Of course, Cardano is great.


No one knows the answer to your question. If they tell you they know, they are lying. You just have to take your chances. Personally, I am planning to buy more at this price, because I see potential for long-term growth regardless of the speculative nature of the currently “high” price. And I recognize that I could be totally wrong and am not going to put more money into than I am willing to flush down the toilet.

“Technical” analysis is like fortune telling.

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