Check out this link analysis- The doubts/concerns over Cardano are starting to become the main topic of conversation- not a good sign

*Note to readers- I would also add however that personally I DO still believe in and suport the project and have been investing more $$$ at nearly every new low/possible bottom all year- but I am concerned about those who either were or would consider investing in Cardano not doing so now when they start to see questions like these being asked or posed by analysts every day now- just wanted to inject it into the community for discussion- all the best fellow traders/investors-

only FUD, some people wants you to sell for accumulating more cheap ada… Cardano is rigorous blockchain and will have serious dapps build on top of it, would you like to see only shit gambling (d)apps on it like an other famous shit chain, NO…
Another shit utube video!


Interesting to see that most of the comments below the video are positive on Cardano.

Seems like more people are starting to recognise the potential.


Price will tank in the next 1-2 weeks.

This opinion is for entertainment purposes only. This opinion should not be construed as financial advice by any person for any purpose. I am not a financial consultant. I am not providing financial advice. Any person trading or investing in cryptocurrencies should conduct their own research. Anyone investing in cryptocurrencies should assume that they may very likely lose their entire investment or portfolio.

Must be nice to have a crystal ball there bud. And projecting that the price will go down when it’s been going down for 12 months really isn’t much of a revelation. Nobody has called the bottom yet I believe. I would however say that waiting for .02 or lower may in fact never come, that’s a very real possibility. The number of “buy” orders for BTC at $2.9-3k is off da charts, and Bakkt’s droppin’ on January 24th, with Nasdaq right behind in February so just keep that in mind when you’re going all perma-bear over there. Market just might take off w/o you and leave you behind, ;-).

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Please, would you elaborate ?

Don’t worry, if I loose my money I won’t look for you :joy::joy:, joking aside, I m curious about your methods

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Classic Bull trap. Get caught. Will be .02 and likely .01 in the next 2 weeks. A bottom was called several times in the last few months. What or who are you referring to where a bottom hasn’t been called? Or is it that you didn’t listen when it was called? Mcaffee even called a bottom. Ur not real about this right? Go check you tube man several ppl called a bottom.

This is not financial advice. My posts are for entertainment purposes only.

My posts are only entertainment and should not be used as financial advice. I am not providing financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. Any person, including you should seek the advice of a financial consultant. Any person investing in cryptocurrencies should assumecygat they will lose all of their money and their entire portfolio investing in cryptocurrencies,

There are a number of factors to consider. Type of forecasting (Winters forecast, etc.). Selection of the right algorithm matters. Using multiple tools can provide insights into correlation, such as SPSS, minitab, R, etc. it’s important to look at certain data points that one thinks relates to the analysis without intentionally selecting data that will result in a favorable outcome and vice versa. Looking at RSI, flags, positions, walls, sentiment (which is hard to do) extrapolated, climate (political), value. There are more than one hundred valid data points s person could use in a crypto analysis,

Reading and watching videos, comments, scoring the responses, count of posts, engagement, quality of posts…a lot can go into formulating scoring and removing bias.

Visualizing the data helps in making things more consumable and spotting. Tableau is a good tool for this.

Once you have your data you update it. A snapshot is also retained so that a side by side can be conducted against amended data. Metrics are developed for aggregation and slicing. Determining logic applied, AVG, MAX, ABS, etc. for metrics. Then build out dashboards. Should attributed be continuous, discrete, etc.

The most important thing is setting up your data and maintaining it, adding new data along the way. Once you have your data, you can begin the basics of data analysis.

I’m only providing entertainment information. With that being said, nothing in my post should be construed as financial advice. Nothing in my post should be construed to imply either directly or indirectly, a formal method, or methodology used, in part or whole, of any financial prediction or outcome of any cryptocurrency. All information in my posts are provided solely for entertainment value and have no weight or credibility in determining the value either now or in the future, of any cryptocurrency.

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Thanks for taking time to explain, I do appreciate the efforts!
Ok, it seems you consider a lot of variables… yet is too complex to do a model in which you describe how a crypto would behave… maybe you are creating the principals of a model

You have this set of informations ( that you could share ) that lead you to state the prices would go down or up ?
It’s not that I don’t believe you, it just I m very curious as person and want to check info and the source … just to now more about your criteria

Anyways, if it works for you …

A question please!
Just as example, ETC and ADA, how do you think are correlated ?
I m trying to know more about your methods

Very curious about that too. I had my finger on the buy-button when I read your bold statement about BTC probably hitting 2-3K soon, as well as ADA touching 0.02 and perhaps 0.01 soon. Looked some stuff up and drew my own conclusion. Saved me from fomo this time (can’t believe I’m saying fomo with near-ICO prices, ha!), so cheers to that man. However, it’d be really nice to know your criteria (and the value attached to each one of them), put a bunch of gathered data into a model and have it poop out a probability for a certain event to happen. At least, that’s how I figure is what it looks like. Never got into technical analysis so far.

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Not complex for a model.

ETC. I think this is being incorporated/made compatible with Cardano.

This post is for entertainment purposes only. This should not be construed as financial advice. I am not a financial consultant.

It must be in my opinion for different sides

How for example, the recent news about ETC ( lack of funding ) may affect ADA, in your opinion ?

I have no opinion on ETC or crypto. I hope though that Cardano is fully funded like they say. House of crypto is being cleaned out it seems.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. This information is for entertainment purposes only.

Ok, got it :+1:t3:

Im not providing advice or any information that should be used for trading or investing in crypto. I am not a financial consultant. Glad to see you’re doing your own research. A lot of good data points out there.

I guess I should have elaborated that nobody with any credibility has called the bottom- the likes of John McAfee, Tom Lee, and Mike Novogratz have been calling “the bottom” for over a year now, so I don’t think you can really count them bud. Now, when it comes to serious analysts and OG traders, not a one has said this is the bottom. That said, they are almost all in agreement though that 2.9-3k will be the bottom for 2018 and that IF we break 2.8k next year then we will go down to around $1300 BTC as this is the only other support that would make sense and in that case Cardano would go to less than .02, but that’s far from guaranteed and 3k could indeed be the bottom that we bounce off of many times before beginning our slow ascent back up next year at some point. Could you be right? Sure. Could you be wrong? Absolutely. Whenever you start to only see one possibility coming to fruition you’re almost guaranteeing the opposite will occur. Just remember, the goal of “the market” is to make fools out of as many traders as possible as much as possible- so take your own forecasts with a grain of salt and prepare for alternative outcomes instead of fixating on one possibility. :slight_smile: