2018 price predictions?

What’s your price prediction for EOY? Thanks

My newest modeling has us going down to .04-.05 with lots of play in that range. And if a downturn occurs with a break below .04, a new bottom forming at .015. Looks grim to some but promising to others. Hold on people!

I haven’t modeled for EOY because it’s just too far out but I think once regulation is determined, we could see some price stability.


Thanks Mike, I sure that’s really important to you - personally, I have the same perspective as Charles - technicals are for traders, not investors - and “trading is a rigged game” - if you invest in the technology & you’ve did your due diligence, then your “model” amounts to little or nothing - but good luck with that & thanks for posting your thoughts.

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Whether you’re an investor or trader the saying buy low sell high always applies! It’s tough to loose at under .10 if you are a patient HODLER though.

BTW .015 Ada would be a dream come true for me.


Sorry you just don’t know what you’re talking about. A trader is an investor. You don’t know me or my purpose for posting. It’s telling you a good time to buy. And trading isn’t a rigged game. If trading is a rigged game so is the consensus model.

If the price gets that low, it’s the best time to get in as we would be afforded the same opportunity as the initial buyers…well at least me. I’m in the U.S. so we couldn’t buy immediately.

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Yeah ok…whatever u say bud.

$1 by late this year


I dont doubt that we could hit 5 cents before going up but 25-50 cents after Shelley release!


We will be in the region of $2-3 when Shelley comes next year, maybe earlier this year. The market is underpricing the significance of Bakkt. It’s all demand driven… BTC demand will goe up and will lift the entire space. Then we get a boost from Shelley testnet sometime in Q4.

No TA bullcrap here. Only fundamentals.

Good times!


Blow harder Junior…your random comments need more puffing from the big bad wolf.

What kind of modeling are you doing? I’m totally virgin when it comes to that kind of stuff but very interested. Is it anything you can share with us? Those prices sound like incredible entries. Thx for posting!

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Lets play fair people. We are all on the same team here. Yes, we must be able to have debates, even quarrels, after all any team that does not, is not really a team. We can always agree to disagree :slight_smile:

A model is a personal prediction…we have to respect anothers prediction, even if we disagree but what Sir.Charles really wants us to do and what Cardano is truly about, is do so in a polite manner and defnitely not be sarcastic.

personally i agree with ADA_Fan and his personal prediction. Atleast thats what i hoping for :slight_smile:

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We have heard from Sir. Charles’s own words, that twitter can be a vulgar place and people emotions not considered, Lets prove we are not cut from the same cloth as those bullies on twitter!

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I totally agree about your sentiment towards the Bakkt announcement, but if that isn’t moving this market up then what is? Its looking pretty grim for the rest of the year.

Cardano should be 1$ in 2-3 months when Shelley is released…will it be? Hopefully half that at least but I aint selling under 1$…loading up on 9-8 ct. Ada right now…6-7 cts??? BACK UP THE TRUCK…LOL

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Probably be closer to 7 months before we see Shelly.

Don’t forget Metapps 30,000 merchants coming onboard this year!

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Modeling is a formal data science based on facts. The differences occur between data sets used, time, algorithms (winter’s forecast, etc.,), timing, tolerance/sentiment, and a host of other factors. Opinion has little to do with it. Have you ever wondered why the line for Vegas sports betting is always so close? It is either 1 of 2 scenarios, using the NBA for example. Scenario 1 = a majority of players (almost all) are involved in a grand fix of the game. 2, every detail or most every detail is considered, and models are ran against them. Analysts then use human only analytics (ex. Player is having a child - is the child first child and through a marriage or is the child out of wedlock to a disgruntled mother/wife and part of a bad relationship)? This may determine how he plays or if he plays.

The same type of model occurs for weather/meteorology. That’s why these days, the forecasts are very accurate. Modeling is a science and far from opinion. Certain things like luck almost cannot be accounted for as well as some external factors (bad actors like a bad referee/bad call by a referee). I have found sometimes that even referees try to fix a bad call with another bad call for the opposite team which seems to be intentional to correct a model…just a hunch. The other things such as court length 3 point shot probability, in game injuries, fights, etc., change a model drastically. With regard to crypto, much can be understood, since we know when Governements meet and discuss crypto and the decisions coming out. Filter out the noise, use searches on google, determine how much new money is flowing in, RSI, past pricing, etc, etc, and a decent model can be built. From there you have to factor in sentiment, community, and other data generated from human capital, and other factors important to the Analysts model and you should be able to get a good idea. The only things not accounted for are big events like if Cardano/Ada was added to Coinbase during their timeline of a models prediction, that and something like if a singularly important person passing/quitting could have a sever impact such as Steve Jobs leaving, Dan Larimer leaving EOS, Charles leaving IOHK, return of Satoshi, etc., would have a significant impact.

That being said, its far from opinion. It’s collecting a lot of data, sorting it, removing bias, get more data, wrangle the data, build the model, determine which algorithms are applicable, etc. that’s too much work for a simple opinion.