Any idea 💡 what’s going on with this crash?

Where are we headed :ada:? We’re back at 12cents now? Last time we were at 12cents bitcoin was at 4K but it’s holding its own at 6k for now :thinking: so what’s up? All this really makes me wish I took a profit at .38. Should have taken my own advice and reinvested at a dip…arithmetic has no mercy :smile::joy::rofl::disappointed:

Let’s have a discussion and ease our collective minds.
How will the next release in 8days affect :ada: price?

What do you think this surprise C.H was referring to?

And anyone else stacking up?

PS; forgive any spelling mistakes, sleep deprived as usual :bed: :sleeping: :zzz:

  • Stacking up
  • Broke/Don’t have enough $
  • Waiting for :ada: to hit .8

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As long as people are buying, and people are positive, it will keep going down.

The more we hang in there as a collective, the more we will exacerbate the situation… Someone has to fall… We wont all make it through… We just have to let this happen… It has to happen and it will happen… There is no way around it… We need to cycle from weak to strong hands.

Hype always retrace. Because hype is a mispricing (Its overpricing) and there is no counterpart to keep this in check - this effect is increased by having no short-sellers.

ADA going down is not the problem, the problem was it went up further than it should, it going down, is ADA “fixing” itself. It is the cure… It isn’t the cure people want, but it is the cure we need.

Now ADA is not alone, it will be affected by the general market. There could be an outlier in ADA itself, but it will always hold true for the market as a hole.

This has to happen for prices to rise. If ADA did not go down more, it would look very weak.

I want to read some people throwing in the towls in the forum or everywhere else in Crypto… Then the bottom process can begin… This usually happens after long-time frames, of nothing, or continues down moves… But it needs time… if BTC has entered a bear market, we are in for a 2+ year bear market from the time of the high… so Thats until 2020, at least… If BTC is just correcting, it will probably hit new highs by then.

The odds is on a bear market, and we cant avoid bear markets, if it isn’t in one now, it will just be later from a higher point… But when it comes, it has to be at least 2+ years. It will not be shorter, than the last one.

I have heard something along those lines in many investment communities over the years and I think it is not logic or true. Frankly I think it is often motivated by other reasons than being helpful as when there is pain someone profits the most as they scoop up cheaper assets. The thing is the only thing we know about the future is that we do not know what the future brings. We know what is likely and what is not likely but we do not know for a fact what will happen at the next turn of time. So you adapt to this in how you accumulate whatever asset you are trying to accumulate. There is no golden rule that you need ADA to “cure” itself or for hype to fall down. There are only likely or unlikely scenarios and you adapt to it in how you accumulate or sell the asset. For example do you think it is likely that we will hit initial token offer levels (0.02-0.04 with current bitcoin prices and 0.002-0.003 in 2 years ago) ? I think it is not likely given the overall market. But more importantly is you the reader make up your own mind and consider also costs you take on and then if you still wish to buy ADA make a strategy for how to accumulate even if you do not know what tomorrow brings.

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Markets hunt for liquidity, that is what they are made to do.

Most of the people who made the most money from Bitcoin, were all the people who forgot they even had them. They were strong hands, by being ignorant. Those who traded, timed, and tried to outsmart the market ended up losing or made a lot less gains, and eventually most of these people will have given all their gains to the market in the end.

The stock market works the exact same way, it sucks everyone in with slow steady rising, and then crashes 50-80% within a short period wiping all and most out of any profit and many into losses and margin calls (or the alternative being wiped out by inflation). This is how it works, and this is how any market work.

All markets work like clockwork, because all markets do, is hunt for liquidity. Max pain, is a liquidity event. Wherever it is, It will be reached, eventually, guaranteed.

it is a cleanse, and a necessary cleanse.

Whether something is overpriced or underpriced, it needs to be fixed, and that is what the market will give you. eventually.

and no, I dont think we will hit initial token levels, unless ADA is going to fail and go to 0… But Max pain is not down there, Its much higher than that now… I dont know where it is exactly, but definitely much higher.

0.02-0.04 is definitely possible, would still be a 500M-1B market cap.


I agree with this.

Reality check:

  1. ADA / Cardano is not in production yet - testing yes / production no.
  2. It is a fully funded project - so it doesn’t have to rely on speculators, day traders and ICO’s. In essence, the price doesn’t matter. It’s going to be built anyway.
  3. Once it goes live, it will take some time for developers, businesses and commerce to adopt it. Remember one of its biggest features is smart contracts with a separate meta layer. This will make banks, governments and regulators happy - and will play well others when it interfaces with “traditional” markets and regulations.
  4. Until Cardano fully decentralizes, Bitcoin will have a strong influence on the price.

Once Cardano goes live, is fully decentralized, staking is implemented, and is solving real world problems via smart contracts and eCommerce, then we will see a true rise in value.

IMHO - the FOMO crowd caused a spike in price way too early in the Cardano development - and that same crowd that jump on the FOMO train is now jumping off. I’m not worried because IOHK is developing a platform(Cardano) to solve real world problems with crypto in a secure, practical, economical, self-supporting and scale-able way.

IMHO - For all the day traders and short term speculators, yes - you are probably going to take a beating in the market. For the long term investors, remember - Cardano isn’t even turned on yet. And Cardano is being built to solve real world problems. So I am optimistic.


I tend to agree too. Just buy more or sit and wait, once BTC goes up as institutional money comes in ADA will surpass any ATH

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It’s back! will it crash again?

no, that time has passed. There will always be minor swings, but from here on out the trajectory is upwards.

I bought some. Altho you are complete stranger but you seem experienced, do you think I should hoard more?

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Yes! Buy more and delegate for free ADA! Soon the price will :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Thanks for the vote of confidence @Tanvir_Thamid. I agree with @Alexd1985. The price will go up.

If you’re curious why I think it will
Here’s my assessment;
Cardano is about %8 away from becoming 100% decentralized. 100% decentralized means the price will go up :arrow_heading_up:
Coinbase only lists fully decentralized cryptocurrencies. Once Cardano becomes available on coinbase, the influx of new buyers will spike up the price.
Smart contract capabilities are around the corner, as utility increases the price increases. For historic references check out the etherium price before and after smart contract capabilities.
Majority of Ada is being staked, which shrinks the supply. People seem to rather earn a guaranteed 5.4% a year with staking, than risk it on the market swings.
Demand increases, supply decreases, the price goes up.
The Bitcoin price has almost tripled since its 2017 all time high, I honestly don’t see why Cardano won’t do the same by the end of the year. Everything is going in the right direction, the alt coin season is here.
I would add another thing, IOHK is about to raise k to 1,000. So “k“ which is the optimization that determine the number of total pools, is only supposed to increase with the price. IOHK or I suppose “IOG” now, has analysts that keep track of the price and predict where it’s going to go. So if they’re raising “k”, that means the analysis have come back and said “ok, the price is going up. You can make the announcement.” My personal assessment for anyone reading this; if you’re looking to buy Ada, probably should get in before the end of the month. It might get expensive after March.
If you already have Ada, make sure you “stake” it, because that will earn you rewards. If you have more than 3k in Ada, you can vote on project Catalyst proposals. You should vote because that also earns you rewards.

Good luck, see you on the moon!

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