FUN CONTEST :) What do you think the 2018 December USD High will be for ADA?


So…there are no rules to this…please no need for references as to how you formulated your December high price for Ada. That being said, you must give ONLY one exact amount. Also has to be three decimal places to the thousands only, no less and no more. ( hope i said that right lol)

for example: 0.034

Not: .03
Not: .03 - .034

Winner(s) = must reach their stated price. If the price goes higher and someone else is close but has not reached it, they do not win. You have to hit your target. If the price goes higher and someone else hits their target, they win.

Contest will end before Dec.1 …at which point, hopefully @lovelacepool will do the honors and create a list.

GoodLuck Everyone! hope a lot of people participate and make this a fun one:)


My Entry = 0.071 usd


We could see it go back to $0.045.


Fundamental and team is the same. Hitting goals in roadmap. Recent uptick of Bitcoin in Google trends and RSI in way oversold territory will put us back at 0.061. Buying as much is I can. Sorry kids Santa not coming to town this year.


First ultrabear market push price down to 0.025.
December highest point is 0.048


IMO, 2018 December USD High will be $0.047.

    0.051 $ :+1:


$0.137 but first below $0.030


0.105 for me please.


My guess is 0.077


$10 each lovelace


My guess is 0.032


0.027 :wink:


we all know that anything can happen really fast. so, 0.1 for me


You’re a pessimistic lot! :grin:
USD $14.480


With all the volatility swirling around, i am targeting $0.034


you are a positivist. If it increases to $14 I pay u $10K. I promise :smiley:


my prediction is $0.064


Prediction is .058 USD