POLL: February High?

What’s your best guess for February high on USDT/ADA (Binance)?

  • 0.036
  • 0.040
  • 0.042
  • 0.045
  • 0.048
  • 0.050
  • 0.052
  • 0.055
  • 0.060
  • 0.070
  • 0.080
  • 0.090
  • 0.100
  • 0.12+

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.015 isn’t on here.

It wouldn’t be valid as $0.015 is lower than $0.036.

We are already at $0.036 so by default it becomes the max price until we reach another high.

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24 votes have been cast so far. Today was a surprise for at least 50% of those who voted :slight_smile:

:x: 0.036 USD (these guys are out )
:x: 0.040 USD
:white_check_mark: .042 USD (top contender as of today)
:white_check_mark: .045 USD
:white_check_mark: .048 USD
:white_check_mark: .050 USD
:white_check_mark: .055 USD
:white_check_mark: .060 USD

Wait. It didn’t hit 0.042 right? So 0.040 isn’t technically still viable?


Well then I hope it’ll go back down as I want to buy :wink:

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Not sure the technicals support this now… I am not an expert trader but it all looks upward trending now.

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Not an expert trader here but I’ve put a ton of time into analyzing patterns and I tend to agree with a major group of people that most of 2019 will be a slow accumulation phase. Price shouldn’t go up much.

But with crypto you never know. We might get a major announcement and the market goes crazy.

I have never seen anything with such asymmetric risk/return profile. It makes sense to me from both the fundamentals and structural side of things (think limited supply).

With Cardano that upside is multiplied n fold as it’s architecture limits supply as Shelly comes and can on-board virtually unlimited number of users through its highly configurable CL.

People underestimate this part of Cardano’s tech… but they will catch up with time i am sure. :slight_smile:


I could not agree more and you sead it brilliantly!

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It’s fascinating to watch the new people vote based on the current price information.

I wish I could track these votes with an overlay of actual price info…

This is a chart to show how people modify their expectation as a function of price. As of now, we have 42 votes distributed as follows:

This chart compares percentage votes between Saturday (Feb 9) and today (Feb 11). Note the difference in sentiment and its magnitude.

Here is the same chart but without the votes that lost:

More than a fifth of people expect the price to climb back up to $0.048 this month. A little less than 20% expect the max price to remain at around current levels. There is a spike in optimism among those who expect the maximum price to increase to $0.055-0.060.

Can’t wait to see those March charts with Shelley coming up. Also, can’t wait to see Reddit trolls fomo’ing hard when Cardano delivers an excellent piece of work as they always do.

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Updated chart with today’s numbers. Based on 52 votes so far.

Plenty of chances to buy in coming months !
There is a case for a short term bullish outlook, however overall the market looks in terrible shape. People are currently talking about the bear market being over with no true signs of a bottom being in, pure hopium. When btc truly capitulates everything else will with it. Looking forward to scooping up a load of ada !

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People are horrible predictors… it is when everyone is pessimistic (looking at above) that markets prepare for the next bull run.

Be greedy when others are fearful
W. Buffet

I am not pessimistic, I am just being true to myself amd trading the market as I see it. Anyone who has a reasonable amount of TA knowledge can understand that is is very unlikely that the bottom is in. Therefore for me there is currently no point in holding any cryptocurrency or trading this market long. Prefer to just focus on shorts in a bear market, unless there is a good read of a short term market bottom, in which case I will play a long.

There is also nowhere near enough fear in the marker at this current level so posting that Buffet quote is irrelevant. The market is 95% trash with no use. This needs to change before we see another bull market and people start taking cryptocurrency seriously.

My bags are full, don´t wanna miss opportunity of lifetime for possible minor discount.

Time will tell which approach was right.

My reference to pessimism was about the polls but ok… so how do you measure fear? Is there a TA indicator for that?

Market price always (and I mean always) reflects the expectation of future utility so my quote is very relevant.

What exists today in terms of capacity and utility isn’t much but is probably priced in.

At the very least crypto is a money transfer mechanism and that’s already something.

In other words:

Price = current value + expected value

In crypto, like in many early ventures, expected value constitutes the overwhelming majority of the price.