Price after Shelley release and date of release?

Continuing the discussion from 2018 price predictions?:

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The Shelley update will have a negative in affect in terms of USD, since it will expand the supply aka. more downside preasure - but positive and necessary for the project to move forward - the whole idea about price-prediction is silly, cause it is simply not in the goal of the project, and Its irrelevant to everything really.

If you want a price-prediction, then the most reasonable prediction is lower than we are now. If there are any gains, it is due to a more broad rally, not due to Cardano in itself.

We are in a giant wash out bear market, there is really no reason for any sustained gains, the project is not even close to launched yet - and even when we launch, this is just the beginning process of starting to create value.

Supply has nothing to do with the value of price. Look at Bitcoin - it went to $20000 and that had nothing to do with supply. Even CH has stated this several times.

Wrong - no CH have not stated that hahaha. You just misunderstood him - I know what you are referring to.

No, it was the demand (desire of having some) manipulated by some of the factors, such as media, emotions (getting rich, have lambo, histeria, fools, FOMO) etc. It’s really a very simple math.

Yup the demand exceeded the supply increase - though the supply increase was still a negative in term of price suppression - It would have gone even higher without.

I agree, in fact this will be a conundrum.

A large amount of ADA will have to be minted as rewards to even let the 1000+ stakepool nodes break even because of the low starting price.

And without apps on CL that utilize ADA as gas there will be no demand corresponding to the increased supply. The downward spiral will end only when either the whole market gets bullish again or when some viral apps on CL start guzzling gas.

How will Shelley create more supply?

Is it because stake pool rewards will be coming from the unminted ADA? Thus increasing supply?

But if investors ADA is put into staking won’t that mean there will be less supply as a lot of it will be set aside/frozen/locked/not moving ?

Which might create more demand? And with the benefit of PR and stake rewards, might this not create a demand for more ADA and a bull run?

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There’s an onramp/access issue here too.

A fully decentralized Shelley may indirectly create buy pressure if:
decentralization = Coinbase.

Seriously??? Why wouldn’t a coin that produces an income be more in demand than just HODLING?? Your logic doesn’t take in all the facts!!!