Some comments or suggestions regarding the marketing of ADA


Because ADA suppressed speculation, the price trend has almost become many shapes of mountain, and after the uphill slope is completely downhill slope. Although Cardano teams was willing to see price success, they were ostensibly unwilling to admit it. I think whatever we insist too much on will have side effects, maybe we should look for a balance. The more we suppress speculation, the more likely ADA to be P&D, and then the huge adjustments will damage investors, this has happened once. I am afraid that this situation will continue even after Shelley.

Although we will not fight price war with others, we can recognize ourselves and encourage ourselves. Sometimes the price increase just needs a signal. It is incentives have protected the life of cryptocurrency. “Kather maghificent”. Perhaps stable growth will not suddenly get and suddenly lost, and being too reserved may result in a reputation of suddenly cold and suddenly hot. We should think of ways to properly prevent the risks of volatility. ADA now has an expected value, which is related to the interests of some investors. ADA is now a surprisingly low price. But is this natural, normal or abnormal? Hard to say. But if you can’t grow steadily and protect your expected value, then the big bang will be too sudden, plus suppressing speculation, and then adjusting too much and cooling too fast. In the past, this has hurt the hearts of some investors and produced some irrational Twitter trolls, which also gave FUD opportunities.

EOS is the opposite (it is even hype to this extent without the main network), and its counter-intuitive approach may result in some less good follow-ups, but this does not prevent us from doing it advisably. The ADA may need a proper marketing. If we follow natural needs, we may be able to go more smoothly. If we continue to suppress speculation after Shelley, may affect the natural growth of popularity. Perhaps ADA can be as untremmelled as Juliet. A currency should help investors protect and grow their confidence.

Yes, I just want ADA rise, maybe she just should worth more? That should have belonged to her. She will get the price she deserves. I think she will OK.

For example, BCH, we see Roger Ver send someone BCH is useless (others can not help them marketing), what BCH needs is price, price needs are demand, technology and marketing. And all this needs a good philosophy. Preventing small problems can avoid big problems. The initial strategy to suppress marketing, if not adjusted at the right time, may eventually lead to problems like the expansion of bitcoin blocks. For example, it may result in a hard fork in the future because of price issues. We all don’t want that happen. BTC suffered a lot of candy hard fork because of lack of trademark protection. Cardano is establishing trademark protection. BTC’s speculation has led to some negative effects, but Cardano definitely needs proper marketing as a commercial project. Currency was originally a commodity.

We cannot deny steady growth and then look forward to the big bang. because surprisingly low prices and surprisingly high prices before and after the big bang may also have negative effects (bad reputation of unfair). This may be the reason why EOS is more popular in the market, although they have done a negative one. We shouldn’t ignore the enemy, we should do it advisably. I have heard an ancient philosophy says that ignoring enemies will lose everything, and almost loses valuable treasures of wisdom.

Suppressions for speculation will intensify conflicts and give P&D a chance. Conformity to the laws and requirements of nature is not a compromise, but an inclusive and reasonable progress. Some people or medias hope the increase in prices is a reasonable factor, we should treat everyone equally like nature, this may cause Coindesk to eventually help us too, so why not? Just some of my superficial views. :slight_smile:

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It does need a bit more marketing.

Look “every problem is an opportunity in disguise,” I certainly feel the pain of having my Ada worth one amount and a few weeks later depreciation by half it’s value. However this can be used as an advantage, it will always be an up and down hill. Why not take a profit every time :ada: hits a high and jump back in when it hits a low. Say if you traded :ada: to USDT on Binance when it hit .38 and jumped back in right now, you would have almost doubled your :ada: while at the same time keeping the overall value of your holdings at .38. Keep repeating this strategy and monetary value of your holding is only going up, while still acquiring more :ada:. It’s not complicated, the price stayed at .38 for like week and it was obvious it wasn’t going above that before a correction. That’s my two cents, but I would love to hear community members thoughts.

I would go even further and say we should have a thread just for this strategy. Where community members use their collective mind to predict highs and lows. We can post graphs, trade statistics, news feeds, roadmap updates, pattern recognitions, so on and so forth, and benefit from it. There are over 2.5k members on this forum. With enough members working in a collective mindset we might even be able to sway the price in one direction or the other.


How do you know it is going down or not? I am always afraid if I sell half my ADA, it will continue to go up and I have to buy back in at a higher price. I understand technical analysis, I look at the charts, and yes its oversold, but it goes up still…

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It will always fluctuate, it’s just a fact. Of course if I said I know for sure when it will go up and down or that I’m smart enough to figure it out on my own then I’d be full of ****. This is where :cardano: community becomes indispensable, because it’s not just one person. It’s a collective mind, and not just any but a collective mind made up of highly intelligent people. That’s just the type of people :cardano: attracts. If we put our heads together, and just participate we can easily come up with an accurate picture.

I’ll start it off ; here’s one piece :ada: is getting listed on Cryptopia a New Zealand exchange. That will bring fresh blood in, just like it did with Huobi, another member adds a piece of information, then another and suddenly were not working in the dark anymore


I like the idea!

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Unfortunately the price fluctuations of ADA are not very predictable even when taking into consideration technical analyses or news. One would think that the recent agreement with MetAps plus for the use of ADA for online payments in South Korea would have created a buzz and sent the price soaring, but instead it had no effect in the short term and then the price dropped like a stone. We are at the mercy of big whales that decide if/when to dump/pump BTC or ETH and then ADA follows suit with some additional fluctuation that is itself dependent on the sentiment of the whales that control ADA. Trading in ADA at this time cannot be compared to normal stock trading where the latter has intrinsic value based on net tangible assets, earnings +/- growth, investor sentiment vis-a-vis general economy. I did not see the .38 to .20 drop coming. Now one might think that this is a good entry point, but what if it drops lower? I thought I good time to buy more was at 0.25, now I like it more at 0.21, etc… Making sense out of this, given Cardano’s current stage, is a frustrating exercise and not worth the hassle in my opinion.

As a long term investor, I think it would be better to buy, hold and perhaps pick up more along the way when the price drops in cycles like these. This way you are always dollar cost averaging (and also avoiding the headache of taxation due trading in/out :slight_smile: )

Best wishes and good luck with your trades!


True, you need the right temperament for it. It’s not for the timid.

Yes, people are willing or should hold 80%-100% of a real currency.

Not sure what timidity or lack thereof has anything to do with any of this. Anyone willing to invest into crypto, especially altcoins understands the high level of risk and is not timid given the possibility that your pick could go to literally zero regardless of how good the tech, team or idea is.

Orientals are only better at being tolerant. We are not cowards. In China, Tencent is the largest and most successful Internet company, but it is not the most innovative. But it has the largest market. China is a huge market. Most investors in China know that EOS does not know about Cardano. This is because EOS lets people know about them. We should let people know that we are the best real third-generation blockchain & third-generation cryptocurrency. What ADA wants to do is not a BMW or Audi, but a banking system of 3 billion people. We should not hand over the public market.
People think if coin don’t rise, they will not recognize it. There is no harm in catering to them a little bit. On television, we see advertisements every day. People allow a certain degree of exaggeration. This is business. The ADA market is very big not to be negligent at the beginning.
We will test smart contracts, and EOS does not have a main network. We have some disadvantages in marketing and use a difficult Haskell language to cultivate talents and educate everyone to use them. However, if most people do not understand Cardano and are unwilling to learn new languages, plus EOS is generally known. It may cause people not to use good appliances and prefer to use public appliances. For example, EOS is not good enough, but it is much more foolish than the ADA and certainly not congested. People may care more about performance than high security. Public is the most important part of the market. We’re going to test the smart contract. Actually, we can on fire. These are just my opinions. My views often change, but I really have some concerns.

Raising prices and letting more people know that there is nothing wrong so this is business. I do not show my timidity or something. I just think that only everyone can do this thing. If we don’t get public awareness, then others get it. This is the current market. Others are worried that we have to worry about it. It is often prudent people who win in the end. The best general who wins the battle does not show courage. We should do it right.
When I was young, I played chess with my father. The two soldiers face each other. My father asked me, do you kill it? I said confidently, no, it was not my next move. Then my father killed it and laugh and say, don’t the other party kill it? I still feel that my thoughts at that time are very funny. :smiley:
We want to make a real currency. We deserve people’s trust. A lot of publicity, so that people buy now, it will be more fair. Many people do not know ADA yet. Whether if they are in cryptocurrency world, they must pay attention to this matter.

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It’s just these. I think this post will play a little role. :slight_smile: I wish you all happy.

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I want to explain my thought presses thoroughly, I really do. It just would take five pages and I would have to dissect your previous statement. There is a reason I chose those words specifically and in that order. It is not a random mindless comment, and is an indirect response to yours with a specific purpose of eliciting a reaction. Not a response to the content of the comment obviously, but the subtext. I don’t have time for it right this moment, but I would love to get into it at a deeper level. I feel people don’t pay nearly enough attention to what they are communicating subtextually. It’s not some weird personality quirk, it’s just a byproduct of a narrow, exotic skillset that at this point I just can’t turn off.

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Let’s not make this about race, I’m Asian as well.

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Apparently as I was writing this @Chiton was making my point for me :disappointed:

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Nice job wow

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OK, agree. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Did not fully understand your words, Google Translation is not very clear, but I think you are great! Come on! :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: