Ada on Coinbase

More blah blah about Ada joining the chosen few. Might be a good idea to do some marketing to the general public before this happens, as this is exactly who’s going to be using Coinbase.

Coinbase will do the marketging, don’t worry.

I’m pretty sure coinbase isn’t going to advertise Ada specifically. I’m talking about having Ada stand out from the rest of the coins to the general public.

If I knew nothing about crypto and wanted to throw some $ into it, I would first research the one I saw advertised. It would be good to be the other name people have heard of (besides bitcoin).

Lol! Bla bla bla chosen few and what not hahaha.:slightly_smiling_face:
I like your ambition for marketing and think it is a super complicated issue not solved easily.
If you were to do some simple marketing of the brand Cardano how is it done without hype in support of the platform? I ask to understand the issue better cause imo the only available product right now is the cryptocurrency and if it gets hyped people buy at possible all time highs and then when Hype disappears and excitement goes away in the markets everyone that bought the hype possibly begins to lose value as is observable in some sense with bitcoin right now and their loss of value could lead to having a negative perspective on the brand.
Up til now its obvious that Ada is coupled to Btc somewhat and price is not exactly percieved to be a Cardano brand issue - imo -
Its my opinion that the best marketing will come through the projects that build on top of the platform infrastructure, businesses that utilize the tools and security that Cardano will offer them, not one business but many that use different approaches and target different markets, in this way Cardano will gain a widespread base of people familiar with what the platform offers and the value of participation will grow organically without hype and will then afford new users of the cryptocurrency some wealth security when compared to buying in on hype.
Maybe I get a little confused between the two educating and marketing, but I do see a difference in the two and educating is what we need I think.

This is my personal opinion anout Coinbase and have nothing substantial to back it up with, just intuition maybe

I think Cardano will be listed on Coinbase, actually I could also say maybe they hold a considerable amount of ADA

The problem
Maybe they acquire ADA at an evaluation way higher than the market price now, and if they list ADA now even achieving a big spike wouldn’t reach the inicial buy price or it would exceed it timidly.

If above is right, then it advisable not list ADA until it regain its value,
The value could go higher only with delegation! In my opinion!

Some stuff on a contract
Maybe Coinbase acquire a lot of ADA, but with the catch that in a certain time the project must reach Shelly o wherever ( just to get the idea ), and we know about the delay of the project which would lead to a nightmare situation if right!

Just speculating little bit

Agreed. There is a market for Ada, otherwise you and I would not be having this conversation. I feel this is going to be the largest societal change in the history of man kind. The fiat currency system is on shaky ground and people have lost trust in… well, other people (esp. the ones in control of the $ and the laws, and the information). Buying Ada is not only a statement that we want change, but is actual participation in the change. Blockchain is the change. We want investors, not traders. But it’s not just an investment, it’s participating in a movement. HODL is the war cry.

Is there a market for Ada? Right now? I’m sure of it.

HODL is Venture STRATEGY Buy And Hold for long term

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'Zactly! If we market it correctly we point out the value of ADA right NOW. It’s a movement against the financial system (and all deceivers, manipulators), and all one has to do to join the movement is HODL ADA.