Any chance of some loyalty recognition for those dedicated community ADA holders at this frothy time?

this is just a quick suggestion. seeing how frothy the crypto market is getting, those in the community actively engaged, and who champion Cardano/ADA beyond the forum - i think ought to be somehow recognised/compensated by receiving some ADA?


Ummmm it’s not even a fully functioning platform yet, there are crypto’s that do that but they rely on people investing huge amounts of value to support them, cardano is supported by the developing partner’s involved in the blockchain and its development will be turned over to it’s holders in the future - totally different than the other chains you could get to pay you for promoting it.


There’s already a thread discussing something similar, can’t remember the exact title or category ATM but I think the title’s quite self-explanatory, you should find it fairly easily.

GREAT IDEA!! I’ll give you all the ADA that you want at a discounted rate of .34 USD, but only at this very moment. You can find me on

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recognition is for the weak.
live with it, or live without it.

There you go @misteraxyz :slight_smile: