Commemorative Cardano Coin for the Community

I know. The title has all the C’s. BUT I really want to know what you all think about a coin that could help support the Cardano community!

Background: I was watching @anon50520593 w ADA Voice and was struck by how he was using his gifts to contribute to the community. I am not a coding or math expert, nor am I rolling in money so I’m a little limited in what I can contribute other than liking posts and badgering people on social media (which I’ve definitely done :smirk:), but I was inspired. Plus, people are putting together things like the CCE post earlier (@MatthiasEngelmann :heart::+1:t2:) and so I wanted to try and do something too.

I remembered that my uncle, who got me into Cardano, said that a while ago someone did a kick starter w a commemorative coin for IOTA and it was really popular. He had an idea for an ADA coin but never followed up on it but I’ll bet he would get excited again if I asked him. He just texted me this pic of the coin he made:

That would be a conversation starter! Classy but still attention-getting and good for showing your support and spreading the word to regular people.

What do you guys think??


Thank you for watching.
Good luck for your concept.

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This design looks terrific. A good addition to my Cardano coins.

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What if you could use ADA to buy it???

Love it, would be nice to have one for each stage and then when they hit the mainnet roll them out. Or have the coin out for the upcoming stage.


Great to see, more and more people feel the need to do sth. by themselves! Doing pieces of art is of course one way to contribute (that I like very much). I personally would prefer to have the ADA-Symbol somewhere where on the coin - probably best within the ADA lettering -, because that’s what actually should be the recognition feature.
All the best for you!

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That would look nice in 0.999 fine silver. Using a precious metal would give it some real value and would make it popular with silver investors.


Ooo! There is! It’s on the pic of Ada Lovelace on her shoulder. Idk, should it be bigger? There’s also a “CH” in her hair as a tribute to Charles Hoskinson too!

Thanks for the luck!

I see Cardano’s logo on her shoulder, but not the ADA logo.

Ah! You are right. My mistake. Should the first A in ADA be that?

I want mine with a crypto chip, ADA enabled.

You mean like they are getting in South Korea?

More or less. Hard to get any real details, I think the tech is closed. I would like something open with some real useful ways to use them. As a needed additional token, or even to store part of the secret key. Paired with a phone base wallet that you can set to forget all/part of the key periodically so you need to re-enable it.

Flexibility in setting up the operational use cases would be really cool. The key parts might load into the coin-chip and any signing have data sent to the coin for that. Many cool things are possible.

I’m guessing they have similar power to something like an Arduino, 8-bit, no math processor, so they’ll need so special math libraries for the crypto, but it is probably within the code size capacity of this class of device.

Wow! That sounds so cool!! I wish I were apart of a development team or something so I could understand more about how that works! If you have links, pass them on! That’s pry going to be a little beyond us for this coin tho… :confused: