Physical ADA Coin Suggestion


Dear Cardano Team,

I noticed how you guys have been working on Paper wallets and themes etc.

I’d like to suggest a Physical ADA coin very similar to the way Cassasscius was released. In limited edition, maybe even different variations as Cassasscius did.

However rather than a 3rd party starting this up, I think it would be more official and respected if the Cardano team took initiative on this.

Very Respectfully,



The public would Love real coins. A coin with the passphrase etched on loaded with different denominations inside a secure box, could be sent by delivery and sold in the top shops.

People love actually holding something.


Thinking out loud here:

Would it be possible to create a coin that its chip is read by the vendor which you are paying which then issues a request to your wallet, you then enter a pin to approve the transaction?


@jellylo I could see that happening when the world is filled with cryptocurrenices, but right now it is almost impossible. I really liked to idea tho :slight_smile:


Sort of defeats the purpose of a cryptocurrency though right? I’m imagining a world (which we are already moving close to with android pay, apple pay, contactless etc) where no one carries cash ever. It would be great. Then we could use all the metal in fiat currency for more useful things.


@Criterion811 The physical coin could act as a hardware wallet which stores a small amount of ADA. Just for fun :smiley:


Probably not much utility agreed.

If you flipped the scenario around though and it became products that held these chips instead of barcodes, then you could fill your shopping cart in a shop and walk to a sensor which could send a payment request to your wallet, enter your pin and then be on your merry way!